You can get a pet house Farm Circle from Ludus and put it on your farm to get a cat, a dog, or a more exotic pet.

Getting the Pet House

On Spring 15 of Year 1, you can go to Lulukoko Village. At Ludus's shop, have him upgrade your house by providing the required materials and money. After that, Ludus will start selling the pet house Farm Circle. Build it and put it on your farm using the workbench.

Buying a Pet

After you put a pet house on your farm, you can buy a pet at the animal shops. At first, you can only get a cat or a dog. You can unlock more animals by completing Farming Tips and raising Town Link Rank. For more details about unlocking different pets, check the List of Pets.

Pet Abilities

Each time you look at the list of pets in the animal shops, each pet will have a different ability in its summary, to the right of the picture of the pet. Pets can use their abilities to help you on the farm. In addition, each time they use their abilities, they earn experience, and they will eventually level up, which improves their abilities.

You can turn your pet's ability off or on. To do so, check on the pet's house, open the pet's status screen, and press X to turn the ability on or off.

Your pet's ability will be one of the following:

  • Herding/Recovery: Your pet will take your livestock out of the barn in the morning and take it back in in the evening. When your pet levels up to 2, it can herd two animals, and when it levels up to 3, it can herd three animals, and so on.
  • Finding Materials
  • Finding Fish
  • Finding Ore
  • Finding Plants
  • Finding Misc.

Pet Experience

When pets do the following things, they earn experience toward leveling up. Their maximum level is 10.

  • Performing its ability
  • Checking a treasure hunt spot
  • Successful treasure hunt
  • Unsuccessful treasure hunt
  • Participate in pet show
  • Win pet show
  • Get 2nd, 3rd, or 4th place in pet show
  • Play with dog bone or cat bell
  • Take a walk
  • Do StreetPass

Feeding Your Pet

To feed your pet, buy pet food at the animal shop and put it in the bowl in front of your pet's house. Be sure to feed your pet once a day.

Keeping Your Pet Indoors

You can keep your pet in your house if you buy a pet food dispenser from Ludus. After you have added the pet food dispenser to your house, you can put your pet indoors by checking on the pet house and choosing to put the pet in your house. Put your pet feed into your storage box in your house to make it come out of the pet food dispenser automatically. Your pet will automatically have one serving of pet food a day.

Petting Your Pet

To pet your pet, press A while standing near your pet. If your pet is small, you will pick it up, and if your pet is big, you will pet it. Be sure to pet your pet each day to improve friendship and lower stress.

Walking your Pet

Check on your pet's house and you can choose to take it for a walk. Your pet will come with you wherever you go, although you won't be allowed into some buildings with your pet.

Don't take your pet for a walk when it is bad weather or its stress will increase.

To end the walk, check on the pet's house and choose to end the walk.

Treasure Hunts

There are special hidden spots in different areas of your farm, the crossroads, and the villages where your pet might be able to find hidden items. For more information about the treasure hunts, check the Treasure Hunting page.

Playing with a Pet Toy

The animal shop sells a dog bone and a cat bell. When you take your pet for a walk, you can use the pet toy with your pet. During a walk, if you hold the toy, then face your pet so that its name appears in the lower screen, then you can press A to throw the toy. If your pet saw it, an exclamation mark will appear above your pet's head, and it will run over to the toy and bring it back to you. Be sure to play with the pet toy at least once a day.

Pet Stress

If your pet's stress increases, it can get fat. Lower stress by feeding your pet once a day, playing with the pet toy at least once a day, and petting your pet at least once a day. Going for walks in clear weather also lowers stress.


You can create a special bond with a pet that you are friends with. After Tsuyukusa Town opens, and after you meet Inari, you can turn one of your pets into your "Furmiliar". To become your Furmiliar, you need to have at least three friendship hearts with that pet. Talk to Inari and give a crop to turn your pet into your Furmiliar. You can dress up your Furmiliar with an accessory, keep your Furmiliar indoors, and receive gifts from your Furmiliar on special occasions. There are also special events that can occur with your Furmiliar. Be sure to take care of your Furmiliar the same way you would take care of any other pet.