Farm Circles

Farm Circles are fields, buildings, and decorative objects that you can add to your farm.

What Are Farm Circles?

Farm Circles are items that you can add to your farm, such as fields, barns, fences, wells, and decorative objects. Some Farm Circles have special powers that make farming easier; they are known as Power Circles.

How Do I Get Farm Circles?

After you are able to visit Lulukoko village starting on Spring 15, you can visit Ludus's shop. After you have Ludus upgrade your house, you can purchase Farm Circle blueprints from his shop. Then you can use the workbench in your house to build the Farm Circles using the required materials, then place them on your farm.

List of Farm Circles

Go to the Relacion page to see a list of all the Farm Circles that Ludus sells.