This page explains how to get a kitchen, get recipes, and cook meals.

Get a Kitchen

To get a kitchen, you need to upgrade your house, which you can do after Lulukoko Village opens on Spring 15 of Year 1. Your upgraded house comes with a kitchen.

Get Recipes

After upgrading your house, you can get recipes from Garden Grill in Westown, Carosello in Lulukoko Village, and the tea house in Tsuyukusa Town. There are also some recipes that you can only get by winning festivals and other competitions, and there are a few that have other requirements. Check the list of recipes for full details.

Get the Ingredients

All recipes require ingredients. These can include crops, eggs, milk, fish, and so on. Some ingredients are available in shops, while others are only available by harvesting them yourself or creating them with a Maker (such as the Milk Maker or Grain Maker).

Use the Kitchen

When you use the kitchen in your house, you can select any of the recipes that you own, and if you have the required ingredients, you can cook the meal.

Automatic Ingredient Selection

Many recipes require specific ingredients, but some recipes allow you to choose from a category of ingredients, such as "any vegetable" or "any herb". In the recipe view, you can press X to automatically select ingredients in your bag based on certain criteria. You can automatically choose the ingredient that you have the highest number of, or choose the ingredient that is the lowest quality, or the highest quality, and so on.


As you level up your cooking ability by cooking meals, you can unlock optional toppings to add to meals. Toppings improve the quality of the meal. When you use the kitchen and look at a recipe, the toppings section in the recipe will say whether or not the recipe has toppings that can be unlocked, and it will show the level that you need to reach to unlock the toppings. After that, toppings can be added the same way as the other ingredients of the recipe.