Growing Crops

All about how to grow crops in Story of Seasons: Trio of Towns, including information about watering and fertilizer.

List of Crops

See the List of Crops for details about each crop you can grow.

Get Seeds

To grow crops, you must first get seeds. Frank gives you five radish seeds at the beginning of the game, and you can buy other seeds at stores. At first, you can only buy Radish Seeds, Potato Seeds, Grass Seeds, Marguerite Daisy Seeds, and Bellflower Seeds. As the game progresses, you can visit more towns and get new types of seeds from their shops. As you increase the Town Link Rank of the three towns, more types of seeds will become available in the shops.

Till, Plant, and Water

Use your hoe to till an area of land on your farm, then plant the desired seeds from your inventory in the tilled land. If the seasons change, crops that are not in season will die. Be sure not to plant seeds too close to the end of the season.

Most types of crops need to be watered. Be sure to water the seeds at least once every day, weather permitting. If possible, water the seeds twice a day. Crops grow based on the number of times they have been watered, so watering twice will make the crops grow more quickly and you can harvest them sooner. The second watering of the day counts as 0.5 waterings. You can do the second watering ten hours after the first watering of the day.

If you don't water the seeds, they will wilt, and if left in a wilted state for 7 days, they will die. Watering the wilted crops will bring them back to life, but their moisture content attribute might be lower than normal when they are harvested. If you want to remove wilted crops, use the sickle on them until they disappear.

Use Fertilizer

Fertilizer increases crop qualities, which makes them more profitable and lets you create higher-quality meals with them.

Fertilizer can be purchased from shops, and can also be made with the Fertilizer Maker. There is also the Fertilizer Water Tank, which allows you to combine fertilizer and water. You can use fertilizer water to increase crop qualities by watering. Fertilizer water can only increase quality once per day, but you can also use soil-based fertilizer on the same day to increase quality more.


When the crop is mature, you can harvest it. Most crops can only be harvested once, but vine crops will continue to produce crops after harvesting. You can harvest vine crops up to ten times, but they will wither if the season changes. Also, vine crops can be harvested before they are fully mature, but it is better to wait until they have fully matured before you harvest them.

Crop Qualities

When harvested, crops have different traits: color, sweetness/aroma, juiciness, and size. These traits can be improved by using fertilizer. You can also get the Seed Maker and put your harvested crops into it to make new seeds. The seeds will retain the qualities of the harvested crops, so you can plant the seeds and use fertilizer to increase the qualities even further.

Other Types of Crops

To grow other types of crops, you will need to purchase field Farm Circles from Ludus in Lulukoko. More field types will become available as you increase the Town Link Rank of the three towns. After you upgrade your house, you can add these fields to your farm using the workbench in your house.

Rice Paddies

One of the field types that you can purchase from Ludus is the rice paddy. You can purchase them from Ludus after you raise Tsuyukusa to rank D.

You can add water to rice paddies using the watering can. Rice paddies can store up to six days of water. Rain will add two days' worth of water to the rice paddy. Typhoons and blizzards will add five days' worth of water.

Use the sickle to harvest rice paddy crops.

Mushroom Logs

Ludus will sell Mushroom Logs after you raise Tsuyukusa OR Lulukoko to rank C. You don't need to water mushroom logs. You can use fertilizer to improve mushroom quality. Mushroom spores can be purchased from various shops. After planting spores, you can harvest up to three times before you need to plant more spores.

Beekeeping Boxes

In your second year, you can buy beekeeping boxes from Ludus. If you get a beekeeping box, and you grow flowers on your farm, you can harvest honey every four days. Rain and other weather conditions will delay the harvest. The type of honey that you can gather depends on the types of flowers that you are growing on your farm. The quality of the honey depends on the quality of the flowers that you are growing on your farm.

Maple Trees

After raising Westown to rank C or building 50 farm circles, you can buy maple tree seedlings in Westown. In Spring only, you can get maple syrup. Buy maple buckets and use them on mature maple trees. If it is Spring, you will get maple syrup three days later.


You can get bamboo seedlings in Tsuyukusa after you raise Tsuyukusa to rank B, or build 80 farm circles. When planted, they will produce small bamboo shoots every three days.

The Basement

After you complete Farming Tips 3, you will have access to three basement areas, and you can purchase Suns in Tsuyukusa to set the season in each basement. It can't rain in the basement, so you need to water anything that you plant there. Because of this, the basement is a good place to plant fruit trees, tea leaves, and other plants that do not require watering.