Part-Time Jobs

In the northern part of each town, you can get part-time jobs from the Part-Time Job Agency to earn money and increase Town Link Rank.

Get a Part-Time Job

To get a part-time job, go to the northern part of Westown, Lulukoko, or Tsuyukusa and talk to the Part-Time Job Agency guy to see a list of part-time jobs that are available. Select one from the list to accept the job.

Types of Part-Time Jobs

There are several types of part-time jobs that you can choose from: chores, delivery, shipping. The following sections explain each one.


A chore is a part-time job that you will do as soon as you accept the job. You will automatically be transported to the job location (making this a convenient way to warp to other locations) and you will be asked to do a task like chopping wood, brushing livestock, or watering crops. The job will automatically end when you have completed all of the tasks.

Medical Test Subject

From time to time, you might see a part-time job from Ford, asking for someone to be a medical test subject. If you accept the job, you will go to Ford's clinic, and he will ask you to choose a medicine container to try. The medicines can have good effects, like restoring all of your stamina, or they might have bad effects, like reducing your stamina by a large amount! This part-time job pays better than other part-time jobs, so you will have to decide if it is worth the risk. Below is a list of medicine effects, but the actual effect might be random.

  • Red Ampoule: Fully recover stamina
  • Orange Ampoule: You get a temporary discount at all shops
  • Green Ampoule: Reduce stamina to 20%
  • Light-blue Ampoule: Fully recover stamina
  • Blue Ampoule: Recover 50% stamina, may temporarily increase speed
  • Bottle with blue label: Reduce stamina to 20%
  • Bottle with light-blue label: Reduce stamina to 20%
  • Bottle with yellow label: Recover stamina
  • Bottle with red label: Raise stamina by 10%
  • Bottle with yellow cap: No effect
  • Bottle with red cap: Recover 10% stamina
  • Bottle with blue cap: No effect


Delivery tasks require you to go to a shop during business hours to pick up an item for delivery, then take it to a specific person. You can press X to check the part-time jobs memo for the list of people you need to deliver to. Be sure to pick up the delivery items before the shops close!


Shipping jobs ask you to ship a certain number of a specific type of item. You have to put them in your shipping box before 17:00 or you will fail the part-time job. Shipping jobs always ask you to deliver to the town that your shipping box is currently set to for the day.