Beginning the Game

How to start a new game and create your character in Story of Seasons: A Trio of Towns.

Choose Mode

After watching the intro movie (or pressing any button to skip it), touch the touch screen, then choose New Game.

You will be asked if you want to play Seedling Mode or Veteran Mode. You can't change the mode later. Seedling Mode is good for those who have never played a Story of Seasons or Harvest Moon game before, or those who want less of a challenge. In Seedling Mode, certain items in shops (tools, livestock, and grocery store items) will be 30% cheaper, and using tools will consume about half as much stamina as in Veteran Mode.

Create Character

Now you will be asked if you want to play as a boy or a girl. You can't change this later.

Then you can customize your character's appearance. You can choose from five skin tones, ten facial expressions, 16 eye colors, and 22 hair colors. You will be able to change your appearance later, after certain in-game events.

Next, you can set your character's birthday, name, and type. You can change your name later, but not your birthday or type. The types are Animal Lover, Fisher, Sports Enthusiast, Tycoon, and Charmer. Each type gives your character a different bonus:

Animal LoverAll animals that you acquire (both pet and livestock) will start with one heart of friendship toward you.
AnglerYou start the game with the Novice Angler trophy and Elementary Fish Farmer trophy, allowing you to catch higher-quality fish as soon as you get a fishing rod.
Sports EnthusiastYou start the game with a six-heart stamina gauge instead of five.
TycoonStart the game with 50000G additional money.
CharmerYour starting friendship with bachelors/bachelorettes is 10000, and your starting friendship with other villagers is 5000.

After you make your selections, you are asked to confirm. You can go back and make changes, or you can start the game.

Becoming a Farmer

You dream of the time when your mother, Marlena, took you to a farm. You loved it and wanted to live there. Then your little sister wakes you up for dinner. After dinner, your father, Daryl, says that your family must move away because of his job. However, you are old enough to make your own decision, so you say that you want to become a farmer. After arguing all night with your father, he agrees to let you become a farmer. You meet your uncle Frank in Westown, who is getting your new farm ready for you.

Meet the Villagers

The next day, you get a tour of Westown from Megan, then you can meet the villagers in town and see the shops that they run. Go south to return to Frank's place.

Start Farming

The next day, your new farm is ready. Frank asks you to name your farm. You can change it later from the bookshelf in your house.

Frank asks if you have any questions. He can explain various game mechanics if you need it.

Frank tells you to put things in the shipping box before 17:00, and you will get paid the next morning. As the game progresses, you will be able to change the shipping destination of the shipping box, to send things to the other villages.

After that, Frank gives you a gift of a hoe, a watering can, an axe, a sickle, five radish seeds, ten potato breads, and 2000G.

Now, you are free to farm. The next time you go to North Westown, you will learn about part-time jobs.