Starlight Gala

The Starlight Gala takes place on Winter 25 each year. It's a chance to get closer to a marriage candidate from Westown.


The Starlight Gala is an annual event where you can go on a hot-air balloon ride with a marriage candidate from Westown. Your relationship and affection with that person will improve. You will also get a friendship boost with everyone in Westown, and Westown's Town Link Rank will increase significantly.

How to Participate

On Winter 25, talk to Megan in the Crossroads between 20:00 and 23:00 to participate. After the Starlight Gala is over, it will be 1:00.

If You Are Already Married or Dating

If you are married to or dating someone from Westown, you will spend the Starlight Gala with that person. If you are married to or dating someone from another town, you can choose someone from Westown of the same gender as your character.

Friendship and Affection Bonuses

By participating in the Starlight Gala, your friendship with everyone in Westown will increase by 2000 FP. In addition, your affection with the person you join in the balloon will increase by 5, and your affection with all other Westown marriage candidates will increase by 1.