Trophy Effects

You will earn trophies the more you perform certain tasks. Some trophies give special bonuses after you earn them.

Trophies Overview

You can earn trophies by performing certain tasks. You can see a list of all possible trophies in the bookshelf in your house, along with the unlock requirements for each.

Trophy Bonuses

Some types of trophies give you special permanent bonuses when you earn them. The following list explains the special types of trophies and the bonuses that they give you.

  • Crop harvest trophies: Vine crops more likely to be golden
  • Bamboo shoot harvest trophies: Harvested bamboo shoots are higher quality
  • Maple harvest trophies: Maple syrup quality increases
  • Honey harvest trophies: Can harvest more honey
  • Mushroom harvest trophies: Can harvest more mushrooms
  • Fish Farming trophies: Fish can be harvested at faster pace
  • Pearl culture trophies: Can harvest more pearls
  • Cooking trophies: Can use more toppings, and meal quality improves
  • Fish basket trophies: Quality of fish caught in basket increases
  • Fishing trophies: Quality of fish caught with fishing rod increases