Your stamina hearts tell you how much energy you have left. You will collapse if your hearts run out.

About Stamina Hearts

Each heart on the stamina meter is worth 20 points.

Recovering Lost Hearts

As you work in the fields, your stamina hearts will be reduced. If your stamina meter becomes empty, you will collapse and wake up the next day. The following list explains the different ways to recover your lost hearts.

ActionEffect on Stamina Hearts
Get treated at the clinicAll hearts are recovered
Sleep in a bed80% of your hearts are restored
Take a nap6 Stamina points are gained per hour
Sleep between 6:00-10:00 if you overslept3 Stamina Points are gained per hour
Use the bathroom (if it has been at least two hours since the last time you used the bathroom)10 Stamina Points are recovered
Take a bath (if it has been at least two hours since the last time you took a bath)20 Stamina Points are recovered
Use a hot springDepends on the water temperature
Eat food or use an itemDepends on the food/item
Eat at a restaurantDepends on the meal

Adding Hearts to your Stamina Meter

If you choose Sports Enthusiast as your type when you create your character, you start with six hearts instead of five.

You can add hearts to your stamina meter by completing certain tasks. Having more stamina hearts will allow you to work in the fields for a longer period of time. The following is the list of tasks that each add one heart to your stamina meter. You can only have a maximum of ten hearts, even if you choose Sports Enthusiast as your character's type.