Festival of Plenty

The Festival of Plenty takes place on Fall 15 each year. Be sure to help with fundraising!


The Festival of Plenty occurs on Fall 15 every year, but on Fall 10 Ginjiro will ask you to request donations from various people in town. Be sure to talk to those people before the night of Fall 14. After that, you have to talk to Ginjiro to give her the donations.

Correct Responses

When you talk to the people that Ginjiro asked you to speak with, you will have different possible responses. The correct responses are below.

On Odd-Numbered Years (1, 3, 5, etc.)

PersonCorrect Response
HinataBeg like a pauper
MoriyaBeg like a pauper
UmekichiTry to convince him
ShizuTry to convince her
YaichiLook annoyed

On Even-Numbered Years (2, 4, 6, etc.)

PersonCorrect Response
YuzukiTry to convince him, or look annoyed
KasumiTry to convince her
SumomoLook annoyed
OmiyoBeg like a pauper
IttetsuLook annoyed
TatsumiBeg like a pauper

The Festival

The Festival itself takes place on Fall 15. Go to the crossroads and talk to Ginjiro between 10:00 and 13:00 to participate. During the festival, you can choose a dance partner, and you will get some rice after the dance. You will get a friendship bonus with everyone who attends, and an Affection bonus with your dance partner if it's a marriage candidate. If you convinced at least three people to donate to the festival, you will get a bigger friendship bonus with everyone.