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Description Koi
How to Get It Can be caught with a fishing rod.
Fishing Details
Fishing Rod Effectiveness Required 5
Other Requirements Before you can catch Koi , you must catch Bullhead Catfish, Cherry Salmon, Willowfish, Three-lips, Icefish, Sculpin, Sweetfish, Cherry Trout, Char, Crucian Carp, Halibut, Carp, Salmon, Snakehead, Marsh Shrimp, Red Freshwater Crab, Loach. You must also catch an Eel.
Seasons Available All seasons
Where to Catch It
  • North Tsuyukusa, around the southeast bridge
Can be Caught During Typhoons? Yes
Can be Caught During Blizzards? Yes
Can be Caught During Fishing Festival? Yes
Size Range 60-111 cm
Koi is/are Required for the Following Blueprints, Recipes, or Farm Circle Combos
People who Like or Dislike Koi

Moriya loves Koi

Ludus likes Koi

Marco likes Koi

Zahau likes Koi

Caolila likes Koi

Mithra likes Koi

Haulani likes Koi

Tigre likes Koi

Ford dislikes Koi

Carrie dislikes Koi

Dessie dislikes Koi

Boy Child dislikes Koi

Girl Child dislikes Koi

Megan hates Koi