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How to Get It Can be caught with a fishing rod.
Fishing Details
Fishing Rod Effectiveness Required 1
Seasons Available All seasons
Where to Catch It
  • South Tsuyukusa, in the creek
  • North Tsuyukusa, north of the bridge to Westown
  • North Tsuyukusa, around the southwest bridge
  • North Tsuyukusa, around the southeast bridge
  • StreetPass Island, which you can visit after you get a pet by talking to Dessie
Can be Caught During Typhoons? No
Can be Caught During Blizzards? No
Can be Caught During Fishing Festival? No
Size Range 3-23 cm
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People who Like or Dislike Three-lips

Marco likes Three-lips

Zahau likes Three-lips

Caolila likes Three-lips

Schalk likes Three-lips

Tigre likes Three-lips

Ford dislikes Three-lips

Carrie dislikes Three-lips

Moriya dislikes Three-lips

Dessie dislikes Three-lips

Boy Child dislikes Three-lips

Girl Child dislikes Three-lips

Megan hates Three-lips