The Championship Match

After you defeat all four members of the BB League Elite Four, you can battle the BB League Champion.

How to Start the Championship Match

After you defeat all four members of the BB League Elite Four, go to the entrance of Blueberry Academy and talk to the person behind the desk at the entrance gate to start the Championship match. There will be a cutscene. If you're ready for the battle, say Yes.

BB League Champion Kieran

You will have a Double Battle against Kieran, who has the following pokémon.

  • Level 80 Politoed
    • Type: Water
    • Type Effectiveness:
      • Weak to Grass, Electric moves
      • Strong against Steel, Fire, Water, Ice moves
    • Moves:
      • Ice Beam
      • Helping Hand
      • Weather Ball
    • Ability: Drizzle
  • Level 80 Dragonite
    • Type: Dragon/Flying
    • Type Effectiveness:
      • Very Weak to Ice moves
      • Weak to Rock, Dragon, Fairy moves
      • Immune to Ground moves
      • Very Strong against Grass moves
      • Strong against Fighting, Bug, Fire, Water moves
    • Moves:
      • Hurricane
  • Level 81 Incineroar
    • Type: Fire/Dark
    • Type Effectiveness:
      • Weak to Fighting, Ground, Rock, Water moves
      • Immune to Psychic moves
      • Strong against Ghost, Steel, Fire, Grass, Ice, Dark moves
    • Moves:
      • Fake Out
      • Flare Blitz
      • Darkest Lariat
    • Held Item: Sitrus Berry
    • Ability: Intimidate
  • Level 81 Porygon-Z
    • Type: Normal
    • Type Effectiveness:
      • Weak to Fighting moves
      • Immune to Ghost moves
    • Moves:
      • Hyper Beam
  • Level 81 Grimmsnarl
    • Type: Dark/Fairy
    • Type Effectiveness:
      • Weak to Poison, Steel, Fairy moves
      • Immune to Psychic, Dragon moves
      • Very Strong against Dark moves
      • Strong against Ghost moves
    • Moves:
      • Reflect
  • Level 82 Hydrapple
    • Type: Grass/Dragon
    • Tera Type: Fighting
    • Type Effectiveness:
      • Weak to Flying, Psychic, Fairy moves
      • Strong against Rock, Bug, Dark moves
    • Moves:
      • Fickle Beam
      • Earth Power
    • Ability: Supersweet Syrup


You get 19680 Pokédollars for winning. You will also receive a Master Ball. There will be a cutscene, and you will be summoned to Classroom 1-4.

When you arrive, there will be a cutscene. Afterward, speak to Geeta and there will be a cutscene, and you will receive the Indigo Disk. You can now leave the classroom. Go to the Entrance when you're ready, and go southeast to the bridge. Talk to Ms. Briar, and say Yes if you're ready to embark on Ms. Briar's expedition.