The Blueberry Academy Terarium is an underwater environment where you can encounter many varieties of Pokémon.

The Blueberry Academy Terarium is an underwater environment where you can encounter many varieties of Pokémon.

Enter the Terarium

After you check on the gate and choose Terarium, go forward until there is a cutscene. Lacey will introduce you to the Terarium. It consists of the Savanna Biome, the Coastal Biome, the Canyon Biome, and the Polar Biome.

Your next destination is the class taking place at the Coastal Biome. Lacey will add the Terarium Map to your Rotom Phone, and Director Cyrano will add the Blueberry Pokédex to your Pokédex. The class is marked on your map.

Talk to Perrin

If you have caught the Bloodmoon Beast, Perrin will be nearby, at the Savanna Rest Area 1. Talk to her and she will say to check back with her after you register 200 pokémon in the Blueberry Pokédex. See Perrin's Photos for more information.

Go to Class

Feel free to explore and catch pokémon before you go to class. When you approach the destination on the map, the class will begin. Your assignment is to catch an Alolan-form pokémon. There is a cave west and slightly south of the outdoor classroom where you can find Alolan Diglett and Dugtrio. Or you can go farther north and check the beach for Alolan Slowpoke and Alolan Exeggutor.

After you catch an Alolan-form pokémon, you can talk to the teacher of the class, and you will automatically open your Pokémon Boxes, where you can select an Alolan pokémon.

Afterward, Lacey will explain about BBQs, or Blueberry Quests, which you can complete to earn BP, or Blueberry Points. You can then spend BP at the Blueberry Academy cafeteria or school store. To find current Blueberry Quests, press the right button on the directional pad to see the list. If you play online, you can work together with other players to complete BBQs.

At this point, Lacey will depart. If you haven't completed the main story and the first part of the DLC (The Teal Mask), you won't be able to proceed in Blueberry Academy yet, but you can do BBQs. Just press right on the directional pad to see your current BBQs.

If you have seen the end credits of the main story and The Teal Mask, Carmine will call and ask to you to meet her at Central Plaza in the Terarium. As you might have guessed, Central Plaza is in the very center of the Terarium. Go there and talk to Carmine, and there will be a cutscene, and she will challenge you to a double battle.

Battle Carmine

Carmine has the following pokémon:

  • Level 74 Toucannon
    • Type: Normal/Flying
    • Type Effectiveness:
      • Weak to Rock, Electric, Ice moves
      • Immune to Ground, Ghost moves
      • Strong against Bug, Grass moves
  • Level 74 Mightyena
    • Type: Dark
    • Type Effectiveness:
      • Weak to Fighting, Bug, Fairy moves
      • Immune to Psychic moves
      • Strong against Ghost, Dark moves
  • Level 74 Scrafty
    • Type: Dark/Fighting
    • Type Effectiveness:
      • Very Weak to Fairy moves
      • Weak to Fighting, Flying moves
      • Immune to Psychic moves
      • Very Strong against Dark moves
      • Strong against Rock, Ghost moves
  • Level 74 Sinistcha
    • Type: Grass/Ghost
    • Tera Type: Grass
    • Type Effectiveness:
      • Weak to Flying, Poison, Bug, Fire, Ice moves
      • Strong against Ground, Water, Grass, Electric moves

Meet Drayton

After the battle, there will be a cutscene where you meet Drayton and join the League Club. You can use the clubroom computer to donate BP to other clubs to get rewards. Drayton gives you 200 BP to try it out. The first donation you can make is to Mitch in the Baseball Club. You will unlock new pokéball throwing styles as a reward. To change your throwing style to a new one, you will need to use the club computer again and donate more BP to Mitch.

After you donate BP to Mitch, Drayton gives you the Catching Charm, which increases the chance of a critical catch. You also get the League Club Uniform.

Visit Your Dorm Room

Check on the door of the club room, then choose your dorm room. There will be a cutscene.

Meet Drayton in the Cafeteria

Exit your dorm room and choose to go to the cafeteria. Talk to Drayton, who is sitting at one of the cafeteria tables. There will be a cutscene.

Sign Up for the BB League at the Entrance

Next, exit the cafeteria and choose the entrance. Drayton is standing near the gate. Talk to the person behind the desk near Drayton. There will be a cutscene.

Battle the BB Elite Four

You can now challenge the BB Elite Four in any order you prefer. The BB Elite Four are as follows: