What You Can Do in the Post-Game of The Indigo Disk

This page lists the things you can do after you complete the main story of The Indigo Disk (DLC Expansion Part 2) for Pokémon Scarlet and Violet.


You can do the following things after you have seen the end credits for The Indigo Disk, which is part 2 of the DLC Expansion for Pokémon Scarlet and Violet.

Get a Copy of Ms. Briar's Book

Go to Classroom 1-4 and talk to Ms. Briar to get a copy of her book, which can be found in your Key Items. You learn from her that you no longer need to recharge your Tera Orb, and you can now encounter Stellar Terastal pokémon in the Terarium.

Visit the Crystal Pool with Ms. Briar's Book

Now that you have Briar's book, be sure to go to the Crystal Pool and go toward the center of the pool (where you battled a Milotic with Carmine) for a special cutscene.

Mochi Mayhem

Use the Poké Portal to get the Mythical Pecha Berry from Mystery Gift. This unlocks the Mochi Mayhem epilogue.

Meet Snacksworth to Catch Legendaries

Meet Snacksworth at the academy entrance, just north of the entrance gates. He gives you snacks that cause legendary pokémon to appear in certain locations. See the Snacksworth's Snacks page for more information.

Get a Special Reward for Completing the Blueberry Pokédex

If you complete your Blueberry Pokédex, talk to Director Cyrano at the Blueberry Academy Entrance to get the Mark Charm, which increases the chance of encountering pokémon with a mark.

Get a Gift for Koraidon/Miraidon

Talk to Amarys in Classroom 3-2 to Amarys also has a more challenging Flying Time Trial that you can try. Talk to the person behind the desk at Canyon Plaza in the Terarium to try it.

Invite Special Coaches

Go to the League Club Room to meet with Director Cyrano, who wants to invite strong trainers from Paldea to give lessons at Blueberry Academy. You can use the computer in the club room and spend BP to invite coaches. Cyrano gives you 200 BP. You can have up to two guest trainers from Paldea stay in the club room at a time. The eight Paldea gym leaders will be in the list to start with. You can unlock special memories with each coach: one of the memories is unlocked by battling that coach, and the other is unlocked by inviting and talking to the coach at least three times. After you have talked to the coach three times, they will offer to trade pokémon with you. After you have traded with a certain numbers of coaches (denoted by a gold ring around coach pictures), more coaches become available. To unlock everyone, you need to complete eight trades, and complete the Mochi Mayhem epilogue. Furthermore, some coaches are only available if you complete classes and exams at the Academy in Paldea and talk to teachers between classes (check the Academy map for special interactions).

Help Your Friends from Team Star

You will find Eri and Giacomo in the entrance hall of the Academy in Paldea. They are standing near Ms. Raifort on the first floor (turn left if you entered through the front door of the building). Talk to them and there will be a cutscene. Talk to them again and there will be another cutscene. Afterward, exit the room and look through the list of destinations to see where went: . Check near the . Talk to the person there, and there will be a cutscene. After that, talk to each person, and you will get a gift after you are done, including new clothing options and a new emote.

Get Rewards for BB Elite Four Rematches

Talk to the BB Elite Four Members in the League Club Room until they ask for a rematch. Defeat them to get an emote, picnic items, a clothing item, and a Rotom Phone case.

Get a Hot Tip from Perrin

If you haven't already, talk to Perrin after you catch 200 Pokémon from the Blueberry Pokédex. For more information, see Perrin's Photos.

Upgrade the Terarium Biomes

If you haven't already, you can upgrade each of the four biomes in the Terarium. Once you do, you can encounter starter pokémon from previous generations of Pokémon games in the Terarium. To upgrade the biomes, use the League Club Room computer to donate BP to the Terarium Club. It costs 3000 BP to upgrade each biome.