Poco Path

Nemona leads the way to Poco Path, where you will learn how to catch wild Pokémon.

Nemona greets you at Poco Path, where you will learn how to catch wild Pokémon.

Catch Wild Pokémon

When you arrive in Poco Path, there will be a cutscene. Nemona will give you 5 Poké Balls. Then you will battle a wild Lechonk. You can press X to select a Poké Ball, then press A to throw it, but you should try to reduce its health first, to make it more likely that the Poké Ball will catch the Pokémon.

Afterward, there will be a cutscene. Nemona will give you 10 Poké Balls.

You can talk to Nemona to heal your Pokémon for free.

Advice for Battling and Catching Wild Pokémon

While you are out and about, you can press B to switch between crouching and standing. This can help you sneak up on wild Pokémon.

Hold ZL and move the Right Stick to point the camera at a Pokémon to target it, then press ZR to send your lead Pokémon against it. If possible, try to do so when the wild Pokémon's back is turned. This will catch it off guard, making it slightly easier to catch.

You can also face a wild Pokémon and press R to send your lead Pokémon out to auto-battle. Your Pokémon can't evolve if it levels up from auto-battles, but it can gain experience. Just be sure to talk to Nemona to heal your Pokémon if it loses health from automatic battles. Your Pokémon can't faint from automatic battles.

You can also press R to send your lead Pokémon to pick up items for you automatically.

While walking around, you can push the Right Stick like a button to zoom in or out.

Press L to move the camera behind you, facing the same direction that you are.

Find Items

In the southern part of Poco Path, you will find a Poké Ball. North of that, just north of the path, you find a Potion. West of that, behind the rock, there is another Potion. In the southern area, you can walk up the slope east of the tree and find a Rare Candy in a niche in the rock.

In the northern part of the area, you will find a Super Potion behind a tree. Southeast of that, you find a Poké Ball, a Potion next to a rock, and a Revive on top of a rock. (Walk up the north side of the rock to reach the Revive). South of those, across the path, there is an Antidote. East of that, there is a Potion.

Go east and you will see a sparkle next to an item. Check on sparkles to find random items. Then pick up the item near the sparkle to get a Paralyze Heal. Keep going east and you find a Revive between two palm trees. Go back toward the west and there is a Revive near the fence. Slightly west of that, across the path, there is a sparkle.

Go northeast along the path and there will be a cutscene.

The Mysterious Cry

To the west, you can find two Potions and two Ethers.

Go to where the fence is broken near Nemona, and there will be a cutscene. Afterward, you won't be able to save the game for a while. Go toward the mysterious Pokémon on the beach. There will be another cutscene. Give the Pokémon the Sandwich from your Key Items, and there will be a cutscene.

Afterward, follow the mysterious Pokémon into the cave. This is Inlet Grotto.

Inlet Grotto

Keep following the Pokémon, and eventually, Nemona will call out to you. After that, you can turn around and look to the left of the cave opening to find a slope leading downward. Go down it to find a Poké Ball.

Then go back up and take the Potion next to the path.

Up ahead, the mysterious Pokémon opens the way for you. While in here, you can catch Pokémon.

Take the Poké Ball and Potion that you find in this part of the cave. Farther ahead, there is a slope leading downward, but you won't be able to go to the bottom of it until you have gone farther. A group of Houndour will try to stop you, but the mysterious Pokémon makes them run away. After that, you can go back to that downward slope and go to the bottom to get two Poké Balls.

Get the Revive from behind the big column of rock, then continue following the mysterious Pokémon and it will break another rock for you.

Go into the cave, and when the mysterious Pokémon stops, check on it and there will be a cutscene. A level 40 Houndoom will attack. Try attacking, and there will be a cutscene. You get TM032 Swift. TMs can only be used once. However, you will eventually be able to create more TMs using the materials that you obtain from catching and defeating wild Pokémon.

To the Lighthouse

Now you can save the game again. Look around near the cave entrance to find a sparkle.

Go toward the lighthouse and there will be a cutscene. You will battle Arven, the son of the Pokémon Professor. Your Pokémon will be healed up for free before the battle.

Battle Arven

Arven has a level 5 Skwovet. You get 300 Pokédollars for winning.

Afterward, you get Koraidon's Poké Ball if you are playing Pokémon Scarlet, or Miraidon's Poké Ball if you are playing Pokémon Violet. It will be in your Key Items, but you can't use this Pokémon in battle.

Before you proceed, you can check behind the Lighthouse to get a Revive.

Then go to the ladder in the Lighthouse and you will automatically climb it. Talk to Nemona and there will be a cutscene.

Go back down the ladder of the Lighthouse. The Lighthouse is added as a location you can take the Flying Taxi to. You can use your Map to fly to any place with a feather symbol.

When you're ready, after you have gone back down the lighthouse ladder, look northwest to find a sparkle to the left of the path. Then make your way northwest along the path, and you will enter South Province (Area One).