After Five Team Star Badges

This page walks you through the events that occur after you have won all five Team Star Badges.

Back to School

After you have all five Team Star Badges, go back to the Academy and try to go into the front door. You will be challenged to a Pokémon battle.

Battle Director Clavell

Director Clavell has a level 60 Oranguru, a level 60 Abomasnow, and a level 60 Polteageist. In addition:

  • If you chose Sprigatito, he has a level 60 Amoonguss, a level 60 Gyarados, and a level 61 Skeledirge with Tera Type Fire.
  • If you chose Fuecoco, he has a level 60 Houndoom, a level 60 Amoonguss, and a level 61 Quaquaval with Tera Type Water.
  • If you chose Quaxly, he has a level 60 Gyarados, a level 60 Houndoom, and a level 61 Meowscarada with Tera Type Grass.

You get 13420 Pokédollars for winning.

Battle at the Schoolyard

Go into the Academy and use a computer to go to the Schoolyard. It doesn't have to be night time. If you are ready to battle, say that you are ready.

Your opponent has a level 62 Umbreon, an level 62 Vaporeon, a level 62 Jolteon, a level 62 Flareon, a level 62 Leafeon, and a level 63 Sylveon. You get 15120 Pokédollars for winning.

After the battle, there will be a cutscene, and you will be back in your dorm room. Leave the room and go to the Director's Office to proceed. Approach Director Clavell, and there will be another cutscene. You will be back in your dorm room again afterward.

Leave your dorm room and go to the Entrance Hall, then go outside. You will get a phone call. Next, go south, down the stairs, and talk to Penny. You will get a TM169 Draco Meteor.

Complete the Champion Assessment and Get the Five Titan Badges

Before you can proceed, you need to get all eight Gym Badges and pass the Champion Assessment, and you need to get all five Titan Badges and complete the events that happen after that.

After you complete both, you will get a call from Arven, who will add a destination to your map, near Medali. Go to Medali, then go southeast to the destination on the map.