Get Ready for School

When you begin your adventure, you need to get ready to start your first day at your new school.

You're dressed in your new uniform for your first day at your new school.

Stand Up and Walk Around

Use the Left Stick to get up from your desk, then use the Left Stick again to walk. You can check on the book on your desk to read the Adventure Guide.

Use the Menu and Save the Game

Press X to open the main menu. You can save the game from there, and you can change the options.

When you're ready, go downstairs and you will see a pokémon. Go to the left to follow it, then keep going to the left and there will be a cutscene.

Get your Hat and Bag

Go to the right and there will be another cutscene. Afterward, go back upstairs and check on your hat and bag on the bedpost. If you are ready, say Yes.

When you press X, you can now check your bag. The Key Items section has the Adventure Guide, which you can check any time. The other sections of the bag are empty.

Go back Downstairs

Go downstairs and go to the left. There will be a cutscene.

Go Outside

Go outside and there will be a cutscene. Mom gives you the Rotom Phone. You can press the Y button to use it. You can also read information about the Rotom Phone in your Adventure Guide in the Key Items section of your Bag.

Map App

The Map App lets you see your current location as well as rotate your view. It also shows helpful information about the Paldea region. Use the Left Stick to move the cursor on the map, and press A when the cursor is over a location to set it as your next destination. If there is a feather icon on the map, you can select that location to use the Flying Taxi to go there.

While using the Map App, you can press + to move the cursor back to your current location.

While using the Map App, push the Right Stick like a button to turn rotation mode on or off. Push the Right Stick up or down to zoom in or out on the map. You can also push ZR and ZL to zoom in or out.

While using the Map App, press X to display more options. You can view your profile here, where you can see your stats and change your photo.

Change Your Look

You can change your look at any time by pressing (left on the directional pad). This allows you to change your outfit and phone case (press X to remove an item from your outfit, e.g. take off your hat, etc.), and if you press +, you can switch to changing your look, where you can change aspects of your face. To change your hairstyle, you will have to wait until you reach a salon.

Reactions, Camera App, Notices

In addition to pressing left on the directional pad as described above, you can press up on the directional pad to choose from a list of reactions, press down on the directional pad to open the Camera App, and press right on the directional pad to review any Notices.

Meet Your Neighbor

You can use the Map App and move the cursor onto the exclamation mark symbol, then press A to set that as your destination. Then press Y to exit the map.

You can't choose your partner pokémon yet. They will follow you as you walk along.

Go toward the house with the exclamation mark on the map. After you get far enough away from your house, you will be able to run when you pushing the Left Stick. You might want to go back to your house at this point to find an Antidote, Potion, and Poké Ball to the south, west, and north of your house, respectively.

Go east, but before you go up the stairs to the destination, you can go north to find another Poké Ball. Then go up the stairs and there will be a cutscene, where you can befriend Nemona.

Choose Your Partner Pokémon

You now get to choose your partner pokémon. You can choose from Sprigatito (Grass-type), Fuecoco (Fire-type), and Quaxly (Water-type). Talk to the pokémon that you want to choose, and say Yes if you want to choose that pokémon. You can't change this choice! You will be asked if you want to give this pokémon a nickname even if you have turned off the "Give Nicknames" option.

After you make your choice, there will be a cutscene. Nemona will choose the pokémon that is weak to yours (she chooses Quaxly if you choose Sprigatito, Sprigatito if you choose Fuecoco, Fuecoco if you choose Quaxly).

A Challenge from Nemona

A new destination will be added to your map, and you will see information about the Auto Heal feature. You can use it by pressing X to open the Main Menu, then press left to go to your list of pokémon. Select the pokémon that you want to Auto Heal and press the - Button. You can only use Auto Heal if your pokémon is not at full health. Items are used in this order:

  1. Potions
  2. Fresh Waters
  3. Soda Pops
  4. Super Potions
  5. Lemonades
  6. Moomoo Milks
  7. Hyper Potions

Before you battle Nemona, be sure to check around Nemona's house to find a Potion by a palm tree to the northeast of the house, an Antitode at the northeast corner of the house, and a Potion south of the house. Then go to the south end of the beach to find a Potion, and go to the north end of the beach to find another Potion. Then from the north end of the beach, go west to a narrow passageway that has a Poké Ball at the end.

Then go to the destination on the map and talk to Nemona. Say Yes if you are ready to battle her. She has a level 5 starter pokémon (Quaxly if you chose Sprigatito, Sprigatito if you chose Fuecoco, Fuecoco if you chose Quaxly). Use your pokémon's elemental move. It will be super-effective against Nemona's pokémon. You get 300 Pokédollars for winning.

Afterward, you get the Pokédex App. You can press - to open it, or you can open the Map App and press X to select it. As you register pokémon, you can receive rewards. Press X in the Pokédex App to see how many more pokémon you need to register to earn your next reward.

You will also now have access to your Pokémon Boxes. This is where you will store any pokémon that aren't in your party.

Follow Nemona

Go to the destination on the map to meet up with Nemona and your Mom. There will be a cutscene. You'll get a Sandwich from Mom, 5 Potions, and 10,000 Pokédollars.

Afterward, go west along the path until you can go north to the destination on the map. You will reach Poco Path.