Snacksworth's Snacks

After the expedition, you can get special snacks from Snacksworth at the Blueberry Academy entrance. These snacks can summon rare pokémon.

About Snacksworth's Snacks

After you have seen the end credits of the Indigo Disk, Snacksworth appears at the Blueberry Academy entrance, north of the front gates. Talk to Snacksworth to receive special snacks based on the number of BBQs you have completed. He will tell a story with each snack, and if you go to the location he described in the story, you will find a legendary pokémon that you can battle for a chance to catch it.

Solo BBQs give you 1 point toward a new snack, and group BBQs give you 2 points toward a new snack. For every 10 points, he will give you another snack. The snack that he gives is a random one from his list.

Eventually, you won't be able to get more snacks until you complete group BBQs via the Union Circle in the Poké Portal. You can receive all remaining snacks by completing group BBQs, regardless of which version of the game you and the others are playing. You will need to complete a total of 16 group BBQs to get all of the legendary treats.

How to Get Hints

If you get a snack but you aren't sure where to go, talk to Snacksworth and you can select a snack from your Key Items. Snacksworth will give a hint.

List of Legendary Locations with Snacksworth's Snacks

See below for the locations of where you can find the legendary pokémon. They will only be there if you have the correct snack in your Key Items.

Snack Where to Find the Pokémon
Articuno Treat A pond near the waterfall west of Montenevera
Zapdos Treat On top of the Poco Path Lighthouse
Moltres Treat In Asado Desert, east of the northern exit from the desert
Raikou Treat Northwest of Cortondo, next to the circular lake that the river comes from
Entei Treat Northeast of Levincia, just south of where the river meets the sea
Suicune Treat Casseroya Lake, on the island west of the large central island
Lugia Treat In the water near a small island in the ocean northeast of Glaseado Mountain. The island is just north of the largest island in that area.
Ho-oh Treat East of Alfornada, on cliffs just west of where the river reaches the sea, on a hill with a tree
Latias Treat On the beach south of the South Province (Area Four) Watchtower
Latios Treat North of the rocky area that is to the east of Zapapico, next to the lake with a tree in the middle. Can be reached by going north from the East Provice (Area Three) Watchtower, which is in the center of the rocky area that is to the east of Zapapico.
Kyogre Treat Northwest of Casseroya Lake, near the rocks in the North Paldean Sea, just south of the three stone spikes in the middle
Groudon Treat Inside of the cavern beneath Alfornada. From the western Pokémon Center of Alfornada, go west to find an entrance to the cavern. Go to the large main room of the cavern and go to the southeast part of it. There is a wild Terastal Umbreon on top of a large raised area in the cavern. Groudon is southeast of the Terastal Umbreon.
Rayquaza Treat NOTE: To receive this treat, you have to complete group BBQs via the Union Circle. On the southeastern part of the edge of the Great Crater of Paldea, north of the South Province (Area Three) Pokémon Center.
Cobalion Treat On top of the cliff just southwest of the Fury Falls warp location in North Province (Area Two)
Terrakion Treat Cliffs north of Cortondo, northwest of Pokémon League building, southeast of Cascarrafa
Virizion Treat In the northeast corner of Tagtree Thicket
Reshiram Treat South of Zapapico, on the cliff with the small section of river between two waterfalls.
Zekrom Treat On top of the cliff south of Artazon, southeast of the ruins there
Kyurem Treat NOTE: To receive this treat, you have to complete group BBQs via the Union Circle. Found underground within Dalizapa Passage. Go north from the Dalizapa Passage Pokémon Center, then go left at the fork in the path and you will reach a tunnel. In the tunnel, you will be on a ledge. Jump down from the ledge to find Kyurem.
Solgaleo Treat On top of the Pokémon League building (northwest of Mesagoza), on the compass logo beneath the battle court.
Lunala Treat North of Porto Marinada, just north of where the river meets the ocean
Necrozma Treat NOTE: To receive this treat, you have to complete group BBQs via the Union Circle. North of Casseroya Lake, in the Socarrat Trail area, on the small mountain in the middle. On this mountain, Necrozma can be found on the cliff east of the mysterious door that faces Casseroya Lake.
Kubfu Treat Near the Fury Falls warp location in North Province (Area Two)
Glastrier Treat In the Glaseado Mountains, in the ruins south of Glaseado Gym
Spectrier Treat Ruins east of Medali, south of Dalizapa Passage