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How to Get It Plant Spinach Seeds.
Where to Buy Spinach
Shop NameCostDate Added to ShopAvailable DuringAdditional Requirements
Ra Man's Grocery (Tsuyukusa) 320
(224 in Seedling Mode)
Fall 1, Year 1 Fall 1 - Fall 31 Raise Tsuyukusa to rank C, and ship 10 Spinach.
Items Related To Spinach
Spinach is/are Required for the Following Blueprints, Recipes, or Farm Circle Combos
People who Like or Dislike Spinach

Ford loves Spinach

Megan loves Spinach

Mithra loves Spinach

Umekichi loves Spinach

Siluka likes Spinach

Frank likes Spinach

Brad likes Spinach

Hector likes Spinach

Colin likes Spinach

Tototara likes Spinach

Lotus likes Spinach

Omiyo likes Spinach

Moriya likes Spinach

Shizu likes Spinach

Dessie likes Spinach

Boy Child likes Spinach

Girl Child likes Spinach

Miranda dislikes Spinach

Noel dislikes Spinach

Schalk dislikes Spinach

Zahau hates Spinach

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