Story of Seasons: Trio of Towns Guide


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Description Food for livestock.
How to Get It Frank gives you some the day after you get your first livestock animal.
Where to Buy Fodder
Shop NameCostAdditional Requirements
Animal Instincts (Westown) 100
(70 in Seedling Mode)
Rural Outfitters (Tsuyukusa) 100
(70 in Seedling Mode)
Fodder is/are Required for the Following Blueprints, Recipes, or Farm Circle Combos
People who Like or Dislike Fodder

Frank likes Fodder

Wayne dislikes Fodder

Ford dislikes Fodder

Iluka dislikes Fodder

Miranda dislikes Fodder

Noel dislikes Fodder

Caolila dislikes Fodder

Mithra dislikes Fodder

Moriya dislikes Fodder

Dessie dislikes Fodder

Marco hates Fodder

Witchie hates Fodder

Fodder is Brad's horror gift