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How to Get It Can be caught with a fishing rod.
Fishing Details
Fishing Rod Effectiveness Required 1
Seasons Available
  • Spring
  • Summer
  • Fall
Where to Catch It
  • The western area of your farm, which opens after you complete Farming Tips 1
  • The pond in the Crossroads
  • South Westown, to the left of the bridge
  • South Westown, between Dessie's pond and the bridge
  • South Westown, in Dessie's pond
  • StreetPass Island, which you can visit after you get a pet by talking to Dessie
Can be Caught During Typhoons? No
Can be Caught During Blizzards? No
Can be Caught During Fishing Festival? No
Size Range 8-20 cm
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People who Like or Dislike Crayfish

Zahau likes Crayfish

Caolila likes Crayfish

Mithra likes Crayfish

Tigre likes Crayfish

Yaichi likes Crayfish

Wayne dislikes Crayfish

Ford dislikes Crayfish

Lisette dislikes Crayfish

Megan dislikes Crayfish

Carrie dislikes Crayfish

Sumomo dislikes Crayfish

Dessie dislikes Crayfish

Boy Child dislikes Crayfish

Girl Child dislikes Crayfish

Moriya hates Crayfish