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Tower 2

After you resurrect Eurasia and revive Elle and the people in the weaver's house, you continue to Tower 2.

Tower 2, 1F

Walk up to the door and it will open for you. Inside, go up the stairs and go to the southwest corner of the room to find a Magirock. Then go to the southeast corner of the room to find a chest that contains 30 gems. When you kill the last monster in this room, a wandering soul appears and tells you to look at the color of the jewels in the foreheads of the statues. Go to the northwest and northeast corners of the room, where there is a waterfall, and push the pink-stone statue away from the waterfall to reveal stairs. Go up the stairs on the right.

Tower 2, 2F

To the south, there is Magirock. Kill the two Whisps to make a soul appear. It says something about switches that glow gold. Go north and check on the red switch up above. Go back downstairs, then go up the hidden stairs on the left by pushing the statue right of the waterfall. Kill the Huballs south of you. At the bottom of the room, there is a Cadet. It can freeze you by staring at you. The chest at the bottom of the room contains an S.Bulb.

Go north and interact with the switch. This opens the gate down below. Go down the stairs. There is a Cadet in this area if you want more experience. Go north through the gate that you opened.

Tower 2, 3F

There is a switch on the left and a switch on the right. Check on both. Then on the left side of the room, the leftmost statue has a pink jewel so you can push it downward. There is another statue on the right side of the room with a pink jewel, the second from the left. Go down to the bottom half of the room and check on the two switches there. After you have activated all four switches in this room, a walkway will rise in the water at the bottom of the room. Go to the bottom of the room and walk up the walkway to go up the stairs.

Tower 2, 4F

There is Magirock in the northwest corner of this room. The northwest and northeast statues each have a pink jewel, so push both of them. This opens the gate in the north part of the room. Go through that gate.

Tower 2, 5F

You can pick up any of the flaming pots around the room. Pick one up and throw it at the switch in the bottom part of the room. Then go north through the gate that opened. Talk to the Guardian. It disappears and allows you to go through the door, so go into it. You'll resurrect S. America and the mill workers will be revived. You can go back to the village to heal up, save the game, talk to the people who were revived, and buy supplies at the shop. You might have enough money to upgrade your equipment now.

When you are ready, go north from Tower 2 to reach Tower 3.

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