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Tower 1

Tower 1 is the first of the five towers that allow you to control all life. You enter after a mask speaks to you.

Tower 1, 1F

Go up to the door and a face will appear. After a moment, it will ask what you want. You can choose either option. The face says to go to the uppermost level of the tower. The door opens. Go into the tower.

Go north. You will encounter two Huballs. Hit them with the crystal spear to kill them. Then go up the stairs. There is another Huball. Kill it and go north and up the stairs.

Tower 1, 2F

Go east along the ledge. Kill the Huballs you encounter. Then you will find a new enemy: the Whisp. If it hits you with a fireball, you will get burned and will not be able to move for a moment. Hit the Whisp with the spear until it dies. Then pick up the crystal near where the Whisp was. This is Magirock. You will automatically put it into the box.

Now go back the way that you came. You can go to the west side of the room and kill the monsters there to get more experience. Then go to the middle of the room and go down the stairs to the south. Go to the bottom of the room and find the platform in the middle of this area. Go up the stairs to the platform and you will encounter three Whisps. Kill them and a wandering soul will appear. Talk to it. It will open the gate in the north part of the room. Go through that gate.

Tower 1, 3F

There are Living Statues walking around here. They swing their weapon at you after you hit them, but you can stay out of the way of the weapon easily.

Get the Magirock in the northwest corner of this room. Then go to the southwest corner of the room and open the chest to get an S. Bulb.

To the south, there is a broken window. Go out through it. Go downward to climb down the chain. Then go east and climb up the long chain here. Climb up the next chain to reach the window at the top of the tower. Go in.

Tower, 4F

Go down the stairs to the east, then kill the Living Statue, then go north to find Magirock. Go back up the stairs and go north, then fall down the ledge where there is no railing. Go east and south, killing any Huballs that get in your way. At the bottom of the room, you can go up the stairs to the left if you want to kill a Living Statue and get more experience. Otherwise, use the stairs in the southeast corner of the room. Go north past the enemies and go up the stairs in the northeast corner of the room.

Boss: Four Red Huballs

In this room, go to the south wall of the room, then go up the bridge to the north. You discover a mysterious, floating person in front of a stone door. This is a Guardian. Talk to it. The Guardian makes four red Huballs appear. They are a lot like blue Huballs, but they can curl up and roll quickly toward you. They also have a lot more HP. They are easy to defeat, however.

After you get rid of the monsters, the door will open. Go through and watch the cut scene. You resurrected Eurasia. Elle and the people in the weaver's house have all been revived. After that, you will be back outside.

Feel free to go back to the village to heal up and save the game. You can go to the weaver's house to visit Elle and the others. You can also go to the item and magic shop to stock up, although you might not yet be able to afford new equipment.

When you are ready, go back out of the village and go past the first tower, then go north and then west to reach Tower 2.

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