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Chapter 3: Resurrection of the Genius

After you defeat the Dark Morph in Eklemata, humans are resurrected and you begin the third chapter, Resurrection of the Genius.


You wake up in the village of Lhasa. When you can move, walk around the town and talk to people if you wish. You can pick up and throw small snowmen. You can also climb the bricks with your claws, and you can jump down from the ledges to reach the lower levels. You can enter the temple at the top of the hill to save your game. There is a shop on the top of the hill as well. You should buy a Monk Robe there as soon as you can afford it. If you need money, go south from the village to find Eklemata, where you can fight Sabredogs and Ice Crystals. If you need healing, go to the bed where you were sleeping before.

Go south until you fall down to where there are three doors. Go into the middle door, and go all the way north to find the leader, Lord Kumari. Talk to him. He gives you a BonePin that you can use to summon him if you need help. A monk will come in and say that Master Meihou has arrived. Go outside and go south and talk to the bald guy. Then go back to Lord Kumari's room and talk to Meihou again. You learn about his granddaughter Meilin who was orphaned in the town of Louran in the war. She stays in Louran to be near her dead parents. You have to go there to try to find her.

You can get a Magirock if you go southwest from town, through the Indus River (you might want to buy FireRings from the MagiShop while you are here, because they will help a lot in a later dungeon), until you reach the Savanna, and go north to enter the mountain pass to reach Safarium. You can talk to the bird although you can no longer understand it. It can still fly you to Kingsnest, but you don't need to go there right now. If you end up in Kingsnest, talk to the bird on the left to go back to Safarium. Go into the cave in the back of Safarium and go to the left to find a human standing in front of a Magirock. If you play his game, hit as many brown monsters as you can, and don't hit the gold monsters. If you hit at least 30 monsters, you can take the Magirock.

Now go south from the village of Lhasa. You will pass the entrance to Eklemata. Follow the path and cross the bridge to reach the Yangtze area. The Gobi desert is to the north, but first go northeast to the forest area and you will find another Magirock. It's in the southwest corner of this small area.

When you're ready, walk into the center of the large desert to enter Gobi. Run after the girl and you will enter Louran.

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