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Dark Morph

Dark Morph is the boss that you face at the end of Eklemata and the Indus River. It has three forms to defeat.

Defeat Dark Morph

The Dark Morph has three forms: a crystal-throwing Yeti, an energy-throwing Cadet, and a bat-throwing shadowy figure. When the Morph is a Yeti, go to a corner and run the opposite direction of the wind, or in other words, face the opposite direction of the Yeti and run. This way you can avoid getting pushed into the ice crystals. When the Morph is a Cadet, it will move randomly. It won't hurt you if it touches you. When it stops, it will shoot energy at you. Hit its energy with your spear to knock it back at the Cadet. When the Morph is a shadowy figure, hit it to turn it into bats. You can't hurt the bats, so use Slicer (run and press the attack button) to prevent them from hurting you. Eventually the bats will turn back into the Dark Morph. Keep avoiding the bats and damaging Dark Morph until it dies.


After you defeat Dark Morph, you start Chapter 3: Resurrection of the Genius.

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