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After you awaken Beruga and talk to him, you are returned to Lhasa, where Kumari tells you to collect the Starstones.


You will wake up in a bed, and Meihou will tell you to see Kumari. Get out of bed and go through the east door, then go north until you reach Kumari. Talk to him. Then you can go back and talk to Meihou in the room where you woke up. He will tell you where to find the Starstones: in an icy village, a hot and arid land, a town that has died, an ancient temple, and a high rock tower. You can sleep in the bed in this room to heal up.


Go southwest and cross the Indus River to reach Arabia, and continue going southwest to reach Africa. Go into the Savannah of northern Africa to reach Safarium. Talk to the seagull there and say "!!!" to go to Sanctuar. Go east from there to the Colorado River and cross the bridge. Then go north to Nirlake.

Go up and talk to the guy in red pants and agree to do what he asks. He'll give you the Nirlake Letters. Press SELECT to go into the box, then equip the Nirlake Letters. Go east to reach Will's house. Talk to him and he will agree to help.

Go south to Freedom and talk to Bell and Eddy. Sail to Great Britain and talk to Rich. Then sail south to Europe and go to Litz. Talk to the sardines guy. Leave town and go northeast past the tollgate, then go east to Loire. Talk to Pierre, Matis, Marily, and the wine guy.

After that, you shouldn't have any letters left. (If you do, read the previous paragraphs to figure out which person you didn't give a letter to.) Then sail back to Freedom, then go north to Nirlake. There is a Magirock in the north part of town.


Now sail to Neotokio. Go to the northwest part of town to find the police station (with a red light over the door). Go in. You'll hear a sound coming from the desk. Check the desk in different places until you get the Transceiver.

Go into the small building in the southeast of town. Go into the middle of the room and enter the door. Then continue along and you will reach the sewer.

Neotokio Sewers

Go west, being careful of the green slimes that come out of the floor. There is also a Phantom on the left side. The door is locked, so go south.

Follow the straightforward path, being careful of the Lobbers along the way. They can steal your cash. At the end of the path, you find a door. Open it and go in. After hearing from the transceiver again, crawl into the hole in the wall on the right, and go up. Open the chest to get the Sewer Key. Go back the way you came until you are at the locked door from earlier. Open it and go in.

The girl will come out, but the lion will chase her. Go to the right and follow the path around the room to reach a chest that contains H.Water. Then go back and enter the first door that you pass. You will arrive in "Pond". Go north and ignore the first left, but go along the second left to get a Luck Potion. Go back, then go north and follow the path. Go east when you can and you will get the Fauchard. Go west, then south, then when the path splits, go east to get a Magirock. Then go south to the next area.

Go west and go through the door. Then go northeast, getting past the green Colossus, to reach another Magirock. Go south, then all the way west, then north to get KingArmr. Then go south, then east, then north up the middle path. Follow the path from here and you will reach the girl and the lion. After a cut scene, talk to the girl and you will get a Starstone. Now you can leave the sewer.


Sail southeast to South America. Land at the dock on the west coast of South America, and walk north to Astarica. Go north and check on the goblets. Go south and talk to the old guy. Then go north and push the northern statue aside, then go through the door that was behind it.

There are two statues in this room. Push each one up the narrow passageway, then push the statue into an empty slot in the back wall. When both statues are in place, a door will open. Go through it.

Follow the path and you will find a chest that contains a HolySuit. Keep following the path and you also find a Magirock. Keep going until you reach the next area. Eventually you see a cut scene. Talk to Elle, then check on any goblet.

Now open the chest behind the goblets to get a Starstone.


Sail to Alaska, then go to the small forest in northwest of Alaska to find Stopover. Talk to the bird here and choose !!! to fly to Greenland. Go west from there and enter the cave. Throw the rocks in the cave to reach the chest, and open it to get 961 gems. Go southeast from the cave to find the village of Penginea. Crawl into the southwest igloo to find a Magirock. Then equip a pretty flower (if you don't have one, you will have to get one from Loire) and go to the southeast house. Talk to the penguin that keeps walking around in front of the igloo. You get a Starstone.


Sail to Australia and go into the mountain. Go to the top of the mountain and talk to the man. Listen to him and he will give you a Starstone.


Sail to the west coast of Africa. Go northeast to the Savannah. Walk around the northeastern part of the desert to find a secret area. Walk north and check on the bones to get the final Starstone.


Go to the South Pole and land at the southernmost dock. Go north into the desert. Then go north to the giant skulls and equip the Starstones. Press X at each skull to put a Starstone in.

After the cut scene, it begins Chapter 4: Resurrection of the Hero.

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