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After you escape from the ruins of Louran and rescue Meilin, you go west through Taklama Desert to reach Loire.

Explore Loire

Go into the southwest house (with the girl standing outside) and keep talking to the guy inside until he doesn't say anything new.

In one of the southeast houses, there is a shop. The guy on the right sells weapons and armor. Buy a SlvrPike, but don't get a RingMail, because you will be able to get a free one soon.

In the middle of town, there is a girl walking around with a basket of flowers. Buy two flowers from her.

There is an inn in the northeast part of town. When you are done exploring the town, go to the inn. Watch the scene. Afterward, go into the back of the inn and sleep in a bed. Afterward, you will see a man at the table of the inn.

Leave the town of Loire and go north up the bridge to reach Loire Castle.

Loire Castle

Go north through the door where two knights are standing guard. Then go into the box and go into the center door. Use the Settings Memo to set text to 5. Then go into the door on the far right (not the stairs, but the door). The maids will talk about the princess, but some of their text disappears as soon as they are done talking, so if you have the text speed set to 1, you might miss what they say. If you did miss it, here it is.

"The King is bad to take advantage of the Princess's inability to talk." "Watch it! If the King hears that, you'll be lucky if he just fires you!" "But no one knows what kind of person will become her groom." "Do you think the King will really bequeath his crown to a stranger?" "I think there has to be something going on. I'm being logical!"

Go downstairs from the kitchen to find the Pantry. There is a Magirock all the way at the bottom.

In the castle, you can find the thief, White Wind, in the dungeon. The library has books that you can read.

When you are ready to continue, go upstairs and talk to the guard blocking the door. Tell him that you want to marry the princess. Go into the room on the right. Talk to everyone in the room. Then a guard will ask you to go into the chamber for the interview. Go into the room that the guard had been blocking earlier.

Go north and talk to the old man standing below the steps. Then talk to the King and then to the princess. Afterward, talk to the old man again. He says that you have to cure the princess so she is no longer mute.

Now you can leave the castle. You will have to enter Storkolm, but you will need the Protect Bell. First, when you are on the world map, go northeast until you reach a small cabin. Go inside and talk to the old man. He says to go into the forest to the east and look for a mushroom at the base of a tree. There is also an L.Bulb in this forest. The mushroom is directly south of where you entered the forest, below a broken tree stump. The L.Bulb is in the north part of the forest.

Now that you have the mushroom, go back to Loire and go to the Inn. Equip the Mushroom and talk to the man at the table in the inn. Give him the mushroom. Leave the inn and go out to the world map, then go back and talk to the guy in the inn again.

After you get the sleeping potion, go to the castle and go into the kitchen. Equip the sleeping potion and walk up to a pot. Wait until the maids aren't looking, then press X to put the sleeping potion into the pot. Afterward, you will be sent out of the castle. Go back in and everyone will be asleep.

Go to the dungeon (left side of the first floor) and talk to White Wind, then check on the guard. Equip the Jail Key and press X while facing the door of White Wind's cell. He tells you to look behind an object in the King's room to find the entrance to the treasure room.

Go into the middle door of 1F and go up the stairs, then go to the far left or far right and go up the stairs in that room. Keep going up and enter the middle room. You find the Princess standing there, awake. After she leaves, go through the north door and push on the sleeping soldier to get him out of the way. Go into the room on the right and push the gold statue. Crawl into the hole and follow the path to find a Magirock and the Protect Bell.

Leave the castle and go back through the desert to reach the nomads camp. Go into the northeast tent and equip a Pretty Flower. Talk to the girl. Give her the flower.

Now go back through the desert (you have to find the boulders and skulls like before) and go back to the Balkans. Go north past Loire Castle, then go southwest from Molly's to reach Scandia. Enter the forest there to reach Norfest forest.

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