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After you awaken in the village of Lhasa, Kumari and Meihou ask you to find Meihou's granddaughter Meilin in the ruins of Louran.

Explore Louran

There is a shop in the northwest of the first area. Buy a BrnzPike if you can afford it. If not, come back later.

Go southwest from the first area and you will find Temjin's house. Talk to him and listen to his story. Tell him to take his money with him when he dies.

Go through the back of Temjin's house, going north until you reach Meilin's house. Go to the back room to get a Magirock, then go back to the previous room talk to Meilin's mom on the left. Crawl into the fireplace. Follow the path and approach Meilin. When she yells at you, talk to her again, then go back and talk to Meilin's mom again. Meilin's mom will apologize.

Then go back to the first area of town, and go northwest. Go south to the inn. If you haven't bought the Bronze Pike from the Louran shop, you should get it now. Otherwise, you will have to wait a while before you can get it.

Enter the inn and she will say she has a bed ready for you. If not, you need to go talk to Meilin's mom, then to Meilin twice, then to Meilin's mom again. (See above for more details).

When the innkeeper gives you a room, go to the left from the front desk and you can talk to the guy in there, then sleep in the right-hand bed.

When Yomi wakes you up, open the chest to get an M.Bulb. Then leave the room. You can kill the Ghouls here to get experience and money. From the front room of the inn, go to the room in the back. Fall into the hole to enter Temjin's basement. Go west and throw the pots to get past, then go up the stairs. In the upper room, kill the Ghoul and go toward the south part of the room to avoid the flying table while walking west. Kill the girl Ghoul (she has a lot of hit points) then go through the northwest door.

Go into Meilin's house, kill the Ghouls, and crawl into the fireplace to go to Meilin's room. Go to the back and check on the red thing in front of the book case to get the Red Scarf.

Leave Meilin's house and go through Temujin's house. Push the table downward to get through. You can talk to Hedyn if you wish. Otherwise, keep going south to exit Temujin's house. Go northeast to return to the Louran square. Go into the building to the right of the northwest building and push the boxes to reach two chests. One contains a P.Cure and the other contains Rags. The Rags can be used as armor, but they are very weak. They don't seem to have any use.

Go east from here to reach the eastern side of the city. Follow the path until you enter a house. Go north up the narrow path, then go east to find the LightRod and go west to find a Magirock. The LightRod is weaker than the BrnzPike but is stronger against the undead than the BrnzPike, so equip it while you are here.

Go outside and return to the square, then use the southeast exit. In the first house you can find a Magirock. Use the east exit to leave this house, then enter the alley to the right. Follow the path to enter another house.

Inside, avoid the armors (Maduu) because the Ghosts inside will send you back to the town square. Go through the house, pushing the boxes to reach the exit. Outside, go south and enter the house to the south. In there, go to the right and fall into the hole, then open the chest to get the Holy Seal. Equip it. You will now be safe from the Ghosts that come out of the Maduu armor. They will try to attack, but they can't do any damage or warp you to the town square like before.

To get out of this room, push the table out of the way. Go west and then go up the stairs. Get past the Ghouls, then crawl into the fireplace in the middle to find a bed where you can sleep. Hedyn is also hidin' there. You can read the books here. When you are ready to leave, go out and return to the square. If you want to go there quickly, unequip the Holy Seal and let a ghost send you to the square. Be sure to equip the Holy Seal again afterward.

When you are back in the square, use the northwest exit. You should see some Ghouls walking into a hole in the wall. Follow them into the hole.

Go east, running past the tables to avoid getting hurt when they crash into the wall. Crawl into the fireplace and follow the path. You will end up in the north side of town. Go into the first house you pass and open the chest to get 178 gems. While in this house, crawl under the table to see a scene.

Leave the house and go to the northeast part of this area. Enter the house there and kill the zombies, then crawl under the table to get an L.Bulb. Now leave and go south. Go into the house there and follow the path through the house to find a STR Potion. The STR Potion permanently increases your strength by 1 point. You can use it now.

Go back through the house until you are outside again. Go south and enter the house there to find a Magirock. Leave that house and go all the way to the west, then go south to reach an enclosed section of the town square that contains a Magirock, then go north again.

Go east until you reach the graveyard. Go to the grave all the way to the north. Check on Temjin's grave to get 500 gems (but only if you told Temjin to take his money with him when he died). Then equip Meilin's Scarf and go to the northeast corner. Talk to Turbo the dog. He will follow you. Go southwest again to leave the cemetery.

Follow the dog, or just go to the northeast corner of this area and wait for Turbo to get there, then follow him into the house (if you go in before Turbo goes into the house, you have to start over). Follow Turbo down the stairs. Before following Turbo to the left, go into the first area to the north to find a Magirock. Then leave the little room and go to the left, and go up the big hallway there. Follow the path to the dead end, then crawl under the table and go up to reach a hidden room with a Magirock in it. Then go back to the big room where Turbo went, and run all the way to the southwest corner of this big room, crawl under the table, and go north. Watch the scene that follows.

Afterward, go outside. Meihou apologizes for Meilin's behavior and tells you to go ask the Nomads how to get through the Lost Desert. The Nomads are northwest of Louran.


At the nomads camp, go north until you find three nomads standing around a fire. Talk to them to learn the way through the lost desert: walk west until you reach three boulders known as the triangle stones. Then go south until you reach boulders shaped like a dragon. Go northwest, then when you reach dragon skulls, go north. The exit is near a giant skull. Now you should go southwest to reach the lost desert, Taklama.


As you go through the desert, be sure to walk. Don't run. (The nomad specifically said to walk.) Walk west and you will soon see three boulders. Walk south until you find more boulders. They are arranged in a serpentine shape. Walk northwest until you see dragon skulls on the ground. Walk north from there until you find a giant skull. Walk directly into the skull's mouth and you will leave the desert.

Go west until the map says that you are in the Balkans. Go north and enter the mountain pass to find a small mountain area. Pick up any rocks that block your way. Go north and jump onto the ledge to find a Magirock. Leave this area and go west, then enter the town of Loire, which is south of the castle.

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