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Norfest Forest

After you get a sleeping potion in Loire, you get the Protect Bell, allowing you to look for Storkolm in Norfest Forest.

Explore the Forest

Royd is here, but you can ignore him. Just go north to the next screen.

Go to the right to find a Ring Mail. Equip it, and equip the Protect Bell. Then go north. Don't go close to the trees, because Blue Bats pop out of some of them.

In the next area, the Protect Bell will ring out. Go north to the next screen, then north to the next screen, then east to the next screen, then north to the next screen. You will reach a bridge. Go east to the next area, then south to the next area.

Go all the way south to find a small area with two wolves. After you get rid of the wolves, check behind the southernmost tree to find a chest that contains a Life Potion. (You have to open the chest from below. It's behind the tip of the southern tree.) Use the Life Potion right away to increase your hit points by 5. Go north from this area until you can go to the right. Keep going east and follow the path to the next area.

This area is dark, and there are worms here that you can't hurt. They go between the tree stumps, so avoid standing between the tree stumps and you will be fine. Go northeast to find 389 gems. Then go northwest to go to the next area.

Keep following the path. Worlocks will shoot flames at you, so be careful. As you go along the path, Ark will stop and say something. Afterward, go northwest, then go east when you can (look for rocks on the ground leading to a new area to the right) and keep following the path until you find a chest. It contains the Dog Whistle.

Go back the way you came and continue by going north. Follow the path until you hear a scream behind you. Go north until you see bats surrounding somebody. Kill the bats to find Meilin. Talk to her. She'll start following you. Go south to the next screen.

This area is brighter. Go to the east side of the area to find a Magirock. Go west and you will find the bridge again. Go north from there to find another dark area. Go to the northeast corner of this dark area to find another Magirock. From there, go northwest. Follow the path past a bright area with water that Will O Whisps come out of. In the next area, there is a chest in the northeast that contains an M.Bulb. Go southwest to find a Magirock, then go back to the previous area. Use the northwest exit. Cross the bridge and you find Storkolm.

Watch the cutscene. When you can, equip the Dog Whistle and press X to use it.

Go into the house right above you, which is the same as the Elder's house back in Crysta. Go to the northwest room and use the door on the left. Open the chests to get an M.Bulb and the Portrait. After a cut scene, you can explore town to see some dialogue. Try going into the big house in the north part of town. Then go back to Loire Castle.

Loire Castle, part 2

Go into the throne room (it's on 2F). After Meilin leaves, go in and talk to the King. After a cut scene, you will be in the inn.

Expand the Town

Go to the center of town and walk up to the people standing there. After some dialogue, go into a house, then come back out. The ballot box is north of the fountain. Vote for Jean. Otherwise, things won't go well for this town. After you vote, go up to the crowd in front of the fountain and they will say that they are tabulating the results. Go into a house and come back out, then walk up to the people in front of the fountain to hear the voting results. If you leave Loire and come back, you will see that it has grown (if you voted for Jean). You can get better armor and a better weapon here, although you can get the same equipment for free later.

Prepare the Next Town Expansion

You can do some things now that will cause Loire to be upgraded again later. In 1st Avenue, go to the southwest house and talk to Matis and agree to take the painting. Go into the house to the right of this one to find Pierre. Talk to him and agree to help him. After the scene, leave his house and go back in. Repeat the process until he gives you his invention.

Next, go north to 2nd Avenue. Go into the northeast house and agree to try the wine. Walk up to the glass and press the attack button to drink it. Afterward, leave and go back in. Repeat this until it tastes good, then talk to the wine guy to receive a bottle of wine.

Finally, go into the house to the left of the Winery and go into the upper room. Talk to the girl in the upper-right corner. Agree to sell her clothes.

Move On

Now it's time to go where the old man told you to go in the dream. Go west from Loire to reach the Tollgate. You no longer have to pay a toll. Just go south. On the world map, go southwest to the small village of Litz.


Go to the northwest corner of the town to get a Luck Potion. It permanently increases your luck by 1 point, so use it right away.

There is a shop in Litz, but don't upgrade your equipment. You can get better equipment for free soon.

Talk to the people in the village to learn what's going on. Royd is in the Inn and says the princess disappeared. People say that Sylvain Castle is haunted, but there are rumored to be portraits with jewels in the eyes there.

When you are ready, go southwest from Litz to find the Quatros camp.

Quatros Camp

Talk to everyone in the camp before you leave, because the camp will disappear as soon you leave. While in the camp, you can get some gems for massaging the woman in the tent on the right. Just talk to her, agree to massage her, then walk behind her and push on her. Keep doing that until she pays you. Then leave the tent and go back in and do the same thing for more gems. You can do this as many times as you want.

After visiting the camp, make sure you have plenty of healing Bulbs, stock up on ElecRings, and go into the castle to the north, Sylvain Castle.

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