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After you defeat Bloody Mary in Sylvain Castle, Columbus teaches the sailors and you can go to Freedom in the New Continent.

Explore Freedom

You can use the camera here to take scenery photos.

There is a skateboarder in the town square in the northwest. Talk to him. After his performance, agree to meet his friends. Follow him. Go into the house after he does. You will learn that Anita is missing.

Go outside and go into the house to the right. Talk to Eddy. Agree to push the machine. Push the part of the machine that Eddy was standing in front of until it explodes.

Go outside and go into the house to the right. Talk to Bell. Agree to give Amanda the message.

Go outside and go into the house to the south. Equip the Fancy Clothes. Talk to a girl and agree to give the Fancy Clothes to her.

The pub is to the south. Equip the wine and talk to the girl in the red dress. Agree to let her try it.

Leave town and go north to Nirlake.


Go into the north middle house and talk to the girl. She's Amanda. She gives you a new message for Bell.

Go into the southwest house to get a Life Potion. You need to throw the pots to reach the chest. Use the potion now to permanently increase your hit points by 5.

Go into the northwest house and talk to Mack. Tell him to grind the beef. Go back and talk to him again and tell him to put it in a bun.

Go east to reach another part of town. Go into the house. You can read the diary on the desk if you wish. Pick up the metal sheet on the ground near the diary. This is the Tin Sheet. While in this house, push the bookshelf to the right to find Anita hiding there. Talk to her.

Freedom, part 2

Go back to Freedom and talk to Bell. Tell him the truth. Go to the pub and talk to him, then leave and go back in and talk to him again. Go back to his house to get a Magirock.

Now leave town and go northwest of Nirlake to reach Gumin Forest.


Kill the orange monsters, then check on the empty tree stumps. You will get a log from each one. When the logs are empty, leave and go back into the forest. When you have nine logs, leave and go east into the cave. Talk to the man there.

Now you can cross the Colorado River. The crossing is west of Freedom.

In the crossing, equip the logs, then talk to the man who is standing there. Give him all nine logs. You have to see the same message nine times to do that. After you have given him all of the logs, leave the area, then come back in. The bridge is done. Cross it, picking up the Magirock on the way, and exit to the west.

On the west side of the Colorado River, go south. You should recognize this place. The cave entrance leads to the portal that you came through from Crysta so long ago. The small lake in the middle of the big lake is Evergreen. Go into Evergreen and find the chest on the east side to get a Stardew.

If you go south from Evergreen, you find a small area with a Magishop. You may have already gotten the Magirock from this area, but if not, get it now.

Go northeast. You will see a town, but ignore it for now. You will go back later. Instead, go as far south as you can go. You find an area where you can play a race game to win a Magirock.

Go north from there along the mountains to find another hidden area. Talk to the bird here and choose !!! to fly to Greenland. Go west from there and enter the cave. Throw the rocks in the cave to reach the chest, and open it to get 961 gems. Go southeast from the cave to find the village of Penginea. Crawl into the southwest igloo to find a Magirock. Then equip a pretty flower (if you don't have one, you will have to get one from Loire later) and go to the southeast house. Talk to the penguin that keeps walking around in front of the igloo. You get a Starstone.


Go northeast from here to reach the town of Liotto. Go into the northwest house to get a Magirock. Outside of that house, to the southeast, you can play the Cream-a-Cat game to win a Magirock. In the game, you have to throw the balls at the cat-shaped boards. You can jump and then throw if you want to hit the ones in the back. If you don't knock enough of them down, you don't get the Magirock. If you run out of balls to throw, just walk through the guy to leave the area. You have to go inside and come back out to restart the Cream-a-Cat game.

After you are done with the cat game, go to the right to find Meilin standing at the Pink Cloud booth. Talk to her and she will follow you. Go to the north part of town. After you hear what Meilin has to say, go to the inn in the south part of town and rest (it's free). Then go back to where you went with Meilin earlier. After the cutscene, you can leave town.

Go to the port that is south of Liotto. After the scene, talk the captain. Agree to fight the monsters, then talk to the captain again to say that you're ready. Then walk onto the boat. You'll be taken to Mermaid Tower.

Mermaid Tower

The path is straightforward: just go downward. At the bottom, you find Big Fish. Hit the purple fish when it comes close. Wait for it to get really close before you try to hit it. Otherwise it will swim away. Avoid the green fishes' attacks.

After the purple fish dies, go upstairs and talk to the mermaid who is wearing a crown. She gives you the Engagement Ring. Look for the treasure chest in the tower to find the SeaSpear. Then go north and talk to the mermaids blocking the exit. They give you the WaterPin, which casts a protective spell if you use it. Now leave the tower.

The captain will give you the boat. You can now sail to any empty port in the world. This port is not empty, though, so leave the port and go to the empty port that is southwest of here.

Upgrade Cities

Sail to Great Britain and give the painting to Rich. Go to Litz and give the Tin Sheet to the man in the house next to the church who talks about sardines. Talk to him again afterward to get Tinned Sardines. Go to Freedom and push Eddy's machine. Talk to Bell and use the phone.

Get Items

Sail to the South Pole and go into the cave there to find a SeaMail and Life Potion. Then sail east from the north end of New Zealand to find Mu. If you did not resurrect Mu in the underworld, it won't be there. See the Tower 5 page for more information. If Mu is there, you can get an Enbu Pike and DEF Potion.

Go to Australia. Go into the hidden area just northwest of the dock and swim across the water to find 892 gems. Go west from there, walking along the mountains until you find another hidden area. Climb the vine on the right to get a Life Potion and 228 gems.

Go east to reach the town of Suncoast.


Use the camera here to get pictures of the scenery. Go to the north part of town and talk to the ranch owner to get Tasty Meat.

Go to New Zealand to find a hidden area that contains a Magirock.

Land on the two islands to the north of Australia to get Speed Shoes, 378 gems, a Luck Potion, and 1403 gems.

Land in China and go to the town of Yunkou.


Find Chija's parents in a house near the northeast of town. Talk to the father twice. If you gave Chija a flower, they will decide to find her.

Go to the northeast of town to get a Magirock.

Now go to Japan.


You can get a Magirock in the southwest building, in the bottom-left room. You can also get a Magirock if you win the game in the noodle shop. Go to the north part of town and check on the trash can to fight a ghost. Avoid the ghost while it spins. Wait for it to stop spinning. When it stops spinning, don't move. Wait for it to appear, fly away, then reappear. Try to hit it then. Eventually, you will defeat it, and it will turn into a chicken. Talk to the chicken. When you are back outside, the Quintent Building will be there. In the Japanese version of this game, you can play a quiz game to win a Magirock. In the English version, you can just talk to the developers.

Now go to Alaska. Find the hidden area in a clearing in the eastern forest to get a STR Potion.

Go back to Freedom and give Stoma the Tasty Meat and Tinned Sardines. After each one, wait until he gives you 100 gems. After that, go into the back room and get the Magirock.

Go downstairs in the store in Freedom to find the Black Market. Pay the guy next to the cage to release Kingbird.

Go to Sanctuar, which is in the mountains west of the Colorado River, and climb to the top of the north area to find the Kingbird that you released. Take the Magirock in front of him.

Now dock in Africa and look for the hidden area in the northwest part of the desert to get 1706 gems. Then go into the oasis and buy a Crystal.

Go give the Crystal to the craftsman in Litz. Also, be sure to talk to the sardines guy again.

Now you should be able to return to Loire and talk to Matis, the wineseller, and Marily (who opened her own shop), then go to the tollgate and go back in to find it expanded again. You can do new things there, such as buying an apartment, giving your photos to the tourism bureau if you used your camera in different cities, and so on.

Expanded Loire

You can buy an apartment here. You can also go into the tourism bureau and give them the photos that you have taken with the camera.

You can now get a few Magirocks by going to Litz (if you have upgraded it all the way) and sailing to the island north of Scandia.

In Suncoast, or in Loire if you have expanded it twice, buy a bunch of Serums (they cure poison). Next, go to Nirlake, which is north of Freedom. Go north to the cavern. Equip the Engagement Ring and talk to Servas. Afterward, you can cross the bridge to reach Great Lakes Cavern.

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