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Indus River and Eklemata

After you help Leim overcome his trial to become the new king of the lions, you go east to the Indus River and Eklemata.

Indus R.

Go east from the entrance and walk across the Rhinos. At the end, you find a Magishop and an item shop. At the item shop you can buy a Fur Coat for 750 gems. If you don't have enough, I encourage you to go back to Zue and kill monsters until you can afford the Fur Coat.

After you buy and equip the Fur Coat, go east from Indus R. You are now in Tibet. Go northeast around the mountains to find Eklemata.


Go to the southwest corner of this area to find a Magirock. You will fight Ice Crystals along the way. There are also Sabredogs in this area. When you are done in this area, go to the northwest and exit to the next area.

Go north and climb up the vine, then carefully get off at the top while avoiding the Ice Crystal. If it hits you, you will fall and have to climb up again. Kill the Ice Crystal, then climb the second vine. Kill the Ice Crystal at the top, then go east, then south. Kill the Yeti down below. Be careful to run away when it turns yellow, because if it catches you, it will throw you and do a lot of damage. After it is dead, climb down the vine. Kill the Ice Crystal at the bottom, then go west and kill the Yeti. Then go east and then north, and kill the Ice Crystal, then climb up the vine on the east side of the area. At the top, go east to the next area.

Approach the Yeti in the pool. Yomi will come out and talk about the hot spring. Climb down the vines to the south, then go east and enter the cave.

Inside, there is a Rakshaki to the left. If it hits you with its trident, you'll get confused. You can only damage the Rakshaki with a sliding jump attack. Go northwest. You will pass by a door, but it just goes to a dead end. Go northwest until you find what looks like a frozen stairway. Get rid of the rocks that are in front of this stairway. Then go east until you can't go any farther. Then go south. There will be some rocks blocking your path. Just pick them up and throw them, then keep going south.

You'll find what looks like a statue with some vines growing on it. Climb up the vines to reach the ledge up above. Some Ice Crystals will pop up out of the ground. Go north until you see a frozen stairway. Go west and use the second frozen stairway, If you didn't get rid of the rocks in front of this stairway, you will have to do that now, then go back around to the ledge to use the frozen stairway again. After using the western frozen stairway, you'll break the wall. Go north to find a chest that contains the Ice Suit. Equip it, then go back up to the ledge so you can use the rightmost frozen stairway. Go through the wall that you broke through. Go east and go up the stairs.

Go south, killing Ice Crystals and Blue Slimes on the way. Keep going south to go outside. Talk to the red flower to get a Snowgrass Leaf. Now go back to the Yeti who is sitting in the pool. Equip the leaf and use it on the pool. The Yeti will come out and go north. Follow it.

Talk to the Yeti and say that you want to go across. On the other side, go north. In the next area, go east past a Sabredog and you will see a treasure chest. To reach it, you have to go through the trees. The chest contains Stardew.

Go west through the trees and then go north and climb the vine. Go to the west and kill the Ice Crystals, then climb the next vine. There is another vine above the first one. At the top, go east. Follow the path and climb some vines to reach a cave. Go in. Kill the Ice Crystals and Rakshaki inside to find a Magirock in the back. Go back outside.

Go south until you can go west. Keep going west until you can't go any farther. Go south to find a Magirock, then go north and climb the vine.

In the next area, go north and kill the Sabredogs, then go north and up the vine. Follow the path until you find a cave. Go in. You will slide on some ice and hit a wall outside. Watch the scene that follows. Interact with the goat until it tells you to climb the wall. Climb it to go outside.

Beware of the Sabredog waiting just outside of the hole. First, go north and follow the path. Keep going north to find a chest that contains Life Potion. Use it to permanently increase your hit points by 5. Then go south to discover that the avalanche filled the lake. Climb down the vine to get into the filled lake. Go to the northeast corner of the lake and climb the vine. Keep following the path to reach a cave. Go to the left to reach a chest that contains 99 gems. Go back the way you came and go to the right. Climb down the vine near the chest and open the chest to get Stardew. Go to the left from there and climb the vine at the end. Use the stairs above the vine.

Go south, being careful of the Blue Slimes that appear. Follow the path and you will be outside again. When you reach the area with the Rakshakis, go northwest to get a Magirock. Then go east and up the vine. Keep following the path and you find a hole. Walk into the hole. There is another hole in the next room, so walk into it. Follow the path, picking up and throwing the rocks in your way, until you reach the boss, Dark Morph.

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