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Beginning the Game

A brief introduction and what to do at the beginning of a game of Terranigma.

Begin the Game

When you start up a game of Terranigma, you can watch the introduction sequence, which tells you about the two sides of the Earth: Lightside and Darkside. Lightside is associated with good, and Darkside is associated with evil. Lightside has become known as God, and Darkside has become known as the Devil.

You can skip the introduction sequence by pressing any button. This will take you to the game selection screen.

Start a New Game

On the game selection screen, go down to the New Game option to start a new game. You will be asked to name your character. The default name is Ark. I will be referring to the main character as Ark throughout this walkthrough.

When you have chosen your name, choose "ed" to confirm your name. Then the game begins, with Chapter 1: The Outset.

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