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Chapter 1: The Outset

After you name your character, you begin your adventure with Chapter 1: The Outset.

Apologize for your Mischief

When you wake up, Elle asks if you're OK. You say that you've been having nightmares. Elle says that you should go outside, because the Crystal Blue is in the air, which should help you feel better.

After Elle leaves, walk out of bed. You can hold the Y button to run. First, go to the table on the right side of the room and check on the book next to the crystal ball by pressing A. You can save the game using books like this one, so look for them during your adventure.

Leave the room. You can talk to the two people near the bed. You can press A to pick things up, such as the basket to the left of the bed. You can also press A to open doors.

Go through the door to the left. When you walk close to the blue door, you hear a voice calling for help. Open the door on the left and go through. The elder asks you to come over, so go talk to him. He mentions how you destroyed the weavings in the weaver's hall. You can choose to apologize or make an excuse. It doesn't matter which option you choose. You find out that Ark was teasing the chickens and they flew into the weaver's hall, destroying the weavings. No matter which option you choose, the Elder will ask you to go to the weaver's hall and apologize.

Exit the house. The weaver's house is to the north of the Elder's house. Go into the weaver's house and apologize to the woman on the left. After that, you should go back to the Elder, but before you do that, you can explore the town of Crysta if you wish.

Open the Door

When you go back into the Elder's house, you find everyone gathered around the blue door. The Elder has stepped out for a moment, so your friends want to secretly open the door while he is away.

You can choose whether you want to try opening the door. If you tell them that you won't help, the door will open on its own. If you agree to help, you need to throw two things at the door to open it. Go to the buckets in the upper-left corner of the room. Press A to pick one up, then go to the door and press A to throw it at the door. Do this again to make the door open.

When the door is open, go in. You find yourself in a creepy, dark blue area. Go down all of the stairs until you reach the bottom floor, where someone calls out asking for help. Go to the bottom of the room to discover a floating box. Slowly approach the box. You might need to do this twice.

When the box opens, a creature named Yomi comes out. He says that the Elder trapped Yomi in the box so the people of the town wouldn't use the world inside the box. Yomi will take you into the box now. In the future, you can press SELECT to jump into the box.

The Box

You start in the center of the box. Yomi shows you the Jewel Box, which is a small red box in the middle of the room. The Jewel Box is where magic rings and summon medals are stored. The Jewel Box also shows your supply of Magirock. You can use magic by going to the Item Room and equipping the Jewel Box.

To the left of the Jewel Box is the Battle Handbook, which you can check to learn how to do different attacks.

Near the Battle Handbook is the Strength Mirror, where you can check your stats.

On the desk to the right of the Strength Mirror, where is a desk that has the Settings Memo. You can check on it to change your Configuration settings.

To the right of that, there is a Map that will show you where you are in a dungeon.

On the right side of the room, there is the Journey Handbook, which you can read to get tips on the game.

In the back of the Center room, the middle door goes to the Item Room. You can equip items here. After you equip an item, press the X button to use it or show it to them. You can select an item in this room and press L to see a description. You can also do this with weapons and armor.

In the back of this room, there is the Whole Hole, where you can throw away items, weapons, and armor that you don't want.

Next, Yomi shows you the Weapon Room, then the Armor Room and reminds you to equip weapons and armor in order to use them.

After the Tour of the Box

Now go into the Weapon Room, which has a symbol of a weapon above the door. Check on the shining item. A voice will speak to you and ask if you have the courage to use this weapon. Say yes, then check on the shining item again to obtain the weapon.

We Got Company

Yomi says someone is coming and kicks you out of the box. Elle appears. She says that she's scared, and then suddenly she becomes frozen. Yomi says that everyone in the village has been frozen and you have to explore the world to save them.

Go to the exit of the house. The Elder is there. Talk to him and say "of course!" If you don't, you will have to go back to the Elder's room and talk to him again. The Elder tells you to visit the five towers that are outside of the village.

You can go back and talk to the Elder to learn more about the towers and the box. If you tell him that you're tired, he will heal you.

The Elder lets you open the chests in his room. They contain an S.Bulb which heals you by 20 HP if you use it, and 50 gems.

Now, make sure that you have equipped the Crystal Spear, and equip the Clothes armor, then save the game and leave the Elder's house. Ark will notice a new gate in front of the house that wasn't there before. You can now leave town, but you might want to visit the item and magic shop before you go. The shops are east of the Elder's house.

Remember, the Crystal Spear will gradually heal you while it is equipped.

Outside, you see the strangely curved world beyond your village. Go southwest to find the first of the five towers. Walk to it to go into Tower 1.

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