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Chapter 2: Resurrection of the World

After you clear all five towers in the Underworld and resurrect the continents, you fall down a hole to the surface.


You awaken at the Portal. At the north end of this screen, there is a save book, so save your game there if you want to. Then go south to exit this area. You can jump back up onto the ledge if you want to use the save book near where you appeared.

Outside, you are in a flat landscape. If you go south, there is a cove in the mountain. If you enter that small area, you find a wandering soul who is running a MagiShop. There is also Magirock in this screen.

Now go north and walk onto the small circle of water in the middle of the lake. This is Evergreen.


Don't fall into the bubbling lava. Go north and a voice will call to you. Up above, you can go west from the tree to find a wandering soul that is running a shop. Walk up and check on the tree to crawl into it. You are now in the Ra Tree. You can save your game with the book in this room. Then go up through the door in the north wall.

Ra Tree, B1F

In the lower level, Ark will talk about the tree. Go north to the next room. Check on the shaking flower bud in the upper-right to get a P.Cure. Now go into the door in the rear wall.

Ra Tree, B2F

Kill the Dignals, then go east and get the S.Bulb from the flower bud. Then jump up onto the nearby ledge to reach the flower bud. Open it to get the Ra Spear. Equip it, then go east and open the flower bud to get an M. Bulb. DON'T go into the doorway, because if you do, you will breathe poison gas and die. Go back to the left and go up the stairs to where you were before.

Ra Tree, B1F part 2

Go west and kill the Dignal, then open the flower bud to get 42 gems. Go west and kill the gold Amarante, and open the flower bud to get an S.Bulb.

Go south and kill the three Amarantes, then open the flower bud to get an M.Bulb. Gall Fish might jump out of the water to the east if you get too close to it. Go south, and go up the stairs to the higher level, then go east and kill the two Dignals, then open the shaking bud north of where the Dignals fell to get another M.Bulb. Then go south. The Amarante down below can spit energy out, and it doesn't stay open long, so be careful. When you defeat it, a wandering soul appears and says that if you save the Ra Tree, plant life will return to Earth.

Go east, then go north and kill any Gall Fish that pop out along the way. At the top, go east, then south, and then go east. In the next screen, go north and kill the two Gall Fish to make a bridge appear. Go north up that bridge and go to the next screen. In that screen, fall into the hole.

Ra Tree, B2F part 2

Open the nearby flower bud to get an S. Bulb. Go west to create a shortcut by pushing the two boulders out of the way. Then go back to the east to where you were, and keep going east and kill the gold Amarante, then open the grey flower bud to get a P. Cure. You can get rid of the nearby red flower bud by picking it up and throwing it. Go east and go into the door at the end.

Ra Tree, B3F

Go west and kill the two Dignals. Go west from there and kill another pair of Dignals. There is a purple Amarante to the left. It spits green spores that can poison you. Go north. Kill the Dignal to the left. Then go right and kill the Dignal there. Continue going east and pick up the red buds and throw them to get rid of them. Then go through the door in the north wall.

Ra Tree, B4F

Get rid of the purple Amarante. Open the upper flower bud to get a P. Cure. Kill the Dignal and open the bud to the left to get a Life Potion. Use it right away to permanently increase your HP by 5. Open the bud below that to get an M.Bulb.

Go south and kill the Dignal, then go east and kill the purple Amarante. There is a path to the northeast but it leads to a dead end. Go south from there and walk up the stairs and kill the Dignal on the ledge. Keep going south and a pair of Dignals will come down from the ceiling. Get past them and continue going south. Throw the red buds to get rid of them and then go east to the next screen.

Go north, killing a purple Amarante, two Dignals, two Gall Fish, and another purple Amarante to reveal a wandering soul. It asks you to follow it, then floats northeast. Start by jumping to the platform on the left side, then from there go east to find a door with some stairs. Go down.

Ra Tree, B5F

The spirit floats down into the hole. Climb down the vines/roots to go down there. At the bottom, go south and talk to the flower, named Lily. She says that although the surface is ruined, the Earth is recovering deep below. She then says to take the nearby plant to use as flippers. Pick up the green plant and you get the Giant Leaves. They are automatically equipped, so you can get in the water and swim right away.

Go southwest from Lily to obtain Magirock. You can swim northwest if you want to talk to a flower who just warns you about Parasite, a monster who spews poison gas the moment you enter the room. Then swim northeast and climb back up the vines to leave this room the way you came in. At the top, go through the door to go back upstairs.

From the door, go west, then jump across the ledge and go south. At the bottom of the room, go west to reach the next area.

Go to the left and pick up the red buds to throw them and get rid of them, then go west and up the stairs, then go north and east. Go down the stairs, then go northeast to reach a door. Go in to go downstairs.

There is a pool of water to the south. Now that you have the Giant Leaves, you can swim south across the water, so do that. Continue going south, then go into the door on the left to go downstairs.

Ra Tree, B6F, B7F, B8F

Swim east and go into the door on the east side of the room. Then in the next area, go into the door on the west side of the room.

In the next room, swim over to the flower and talk to it. The flower says to drink from the spring to be protected from poison. You get the Ra Dewdrop. This is NOT automatically equipped, so go into your box and go into the item room to equip the Ra Dewdrop.

Swim east from the flower that gave you the Ra Dewdrop to reach a new area. Go east and talk to the flower, who says to open up the Abbee Husk, which is the shaking flower bud next to it. Check on it to get a LeafSuit. Equip it. Swim farther east and talk to the orange flower if you wish. Go behind the waterfall and check around to find a Magirock. Then go to the right of the waterfall and climb up the roots/vines that are just to the right of the waterfall.

Ra Tree, B3F, part 2

Hop down from the ledge, then go west across the water. From there, go north, then east. Go into the door in the north wall to go downstairs. Go west, then north across the water. Go east from there. Don't go into the door yet. First, press X to use the Ra Dewdrop and become immune to poison. Then go into the door.


Hit the orange things that come out of the sides. Meanwhile, avoid the fireballs that the orange things spit, and avoid the blue worm if it jumps downward toward you.

After you have done enough damage, the blue worm starts flying out from the sides, while an orange eye at the top appears and sometimes spits orange things onto the middle of the area. Hit the orange eye at the top when it's open. If there are orange things in the middle of the area, the eye will stay closed, so hit the orange things to get rid of them before attacking the orange eye again. Avoid the orange eye if it flies downward toward you.

After you defeat Parasite, plants will grow again. When you are back in Evergreen, go up and talk to the Ra Tree. He gives you the GrassPin. Go to the left to find a wandering soul that is running an item shop. You can buy Ra Armor from the shop.

One of the flowers in Evegreen mentions birds to the north. Leave Evegreen and go north, past the cave, and through the mountain pass to Guiana.


Climb the vine here to go up to the cliff. Go west and then jump down the ledges so you can exit to the west. On the world map, go north until you reach the Colorado area. If you want to buy supplies or save your game, go into the mountain on the left. Then leave the area and go into the mountain to the north. This is Great Cliff, or Grecliff for short.

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