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The Wing Ceremony

After Link rescues his Loftwing and practices flying, it will be time for the Wing Ceremony.

Race to Catch the Statuette

When you see the word GO, hold A and do a Dash off the end of the ledge, then press down on the control pad to summon your bird. Then the race will begin. Your objective is to catch the bird statuette that the gold loftwing is carrying. To catch it, just press A when you get close to the golden bird.

To get close, first you should flap your wings to gain a lot of altitude, then do a descent toward the golden bird. Once you get close, dash with A, then press A when you are close to the bird.

Unfortunately, Groose and his henchmen will thwart your attempt to grab the statuette, so you will have to do it all over again, but this time you will have to avoid the eggs that they throw at you. Just use the same techniques as before to catch the bird. This time you will win for real.

Get the Sailcloth

You and Zelda will be alone atop the Goddess statue. Zelda will give you the Sailcloth. It's a lot like the Deku Leaf from Wind Waker, except it is always equipped. Also, you can only float downward with it. You can't glide and change directions like with the Deku Leaf from Wind Waker. Just hold B while falling to take out the Sailcloth and float to the ground.

You can choose whichever dialogue you want. It only changes what Zelda says right after. I like her responses for "Sort of..." and "Nope."

Now comes the final part of the ceremony: you have to jump down from the statue and land in the center of the symbol on the ground.

As you fall, tilt the Wiimote to make Link move around. The remote is very sensitive, so you don't have to move it very much to get Link to move around while falling. You need to position Link above the symbol on the ground, then press and hold B to use the Sailcloth and float the rest of the way down. If you didn't position yourself properly, you will have to try again until you get it.

Once that is done, Zelda will ask you to fly around the clouds with her. Watch the cut scene to see what happens.

After a dream, Link awakens in his room, and Zelda's father Gaepora will ask what happened. When he understands the situation, he will leave and tell you to rest, but you sense something going on outside.

Open the cabinet to get another blue rupee.

Then go outside. You will see the strange purple and blue woman from your dream floating nearby. Follow her.

Follow the Floating Figure

Your task now is to follow the floating woman. Once you reach the entrance to the Goddess Statue, follow her to the right, jumping down some wooden ledges. Continue following her until you encounter a cat-like creature, just like Gaepora's pet Mia from earlier in the game. This type of creature is known as a Remlit. It attacks you. Just hit it a couple of times with your sword to get it to leave you alone.

Up ahead, there is a narrow ledge on the wall, but before running up and grabbing it, drop down to the lower level, where you will find a chest that contains a red rupee.

Turn around and go up the ramp, killing the blue chuchu on the way, to return to where the floating person is waiting. Run up the wall to grab the narrow ledge and go around on your hands.

Let go on the other side and continue down the steep slope. Kill the keese, then run up the steep stone slope and kill the keese and blue chuchu here. Then run to jump over the gap and climb the ledges. Make another running jump to grab the vines on the wall. Climb up.

Continue following until you see a short cut scene. Go through the door in the Goddess Statue.

You will be in a chamber where there is a sword. The floating figure is Fi. After some dialogue, she asks you to take the sword, so walk up to it and follow the on screen instructions. After removing the sword, point the Wiimote up, then hold it still to let the sword charge. If you are having trouble with it, just remember to hold it still and don't move it after you point it up. You now have the Goddess Sword.

You will get the Emerald Tablet. Go over to the crest behind Fi, then hold the sword skyward as before (point the Wiimote up and hold it still) then slash the crest with your sword. Go up and examine the slot that appeared. You'll put the Emerald Tablet in place. This will make a column of light appear in the clouds. This is where you will be able to descend to the surface. Before that, though, you should buy some things.

Buy Equipment

After you receive your green tunic and hat, go outside and talk to Fledge to receive the Adventure Pouch. Then go outside and talk to Professor Owlan to get a free shield.

Head south, and Fi will stop you and say that you can change the on-screen interface. Just press 1, then click the button at the bottom-left where it says Interface. This will change what is shown on the screen when you are running around and doing stuff. The Standard interface shows an outline of the Wiimote with the buttons that you can use, the Lite interface shows the buttons without the Wiimote outline, and the Pro interface doesn't show the Wiimote outline or the buttons.

Now go into to the Bazaar, which is the big red building to the south. You can get a free Empty Bottle from Luv, the woman who sells potions. You can buy a potion from her while you are here if you want to, although it helps to have an empty bottle for an upcoming part of the game. Some of the potions are not for sale yet, though. Her husband Bertie can strengthen your potions, but you won't be able to get the necessary ingredients for a while, so just ignore him for now.

There is a woman here named Peatrice who will do Item Check, which means that she will store items for you that you can come back and pick up later. If your adventure pouch is full but you pick up an item that would normally go in the adventure pouch, it will automatically be sent to Item Check.

There is also a fortune teller named Sparrot, a guy named Gondo who can upgrade your equipment if you bring him scraps and things, and a guy who sells items named Rupin.

If you have a shield and you got the bottle from the potion lady, you're ready to go down to the surface. Go south and go near the tower where you first encountered Groose, and Fi will mention the column of light. Hold A and dash off of the edge, then press down on the control pad to summon your Loftwing.

Get a Piece of Heart

If you wish, you can fly to the Pumpkin Landing to get the first Piece of Heart. Just press the + button to open the map when you are flying on your Loftwing, then look at the east side of the map to see the Pumpkin Landing. (Press Z if the map isn't showing the island names.) Fly over to there and press down on the control pad to land on the island. Go inside, then go upstairs and do a roll attack into the railing until the chandelier falls down and breaks. Run downstairs and get the Piece of Heart and the rupees that fell.

Do a Chore for Pumm

Talk to Pumm, the guy behind the counter, after you break the chandelier in the Lumpy Pumpkin. He will say that you need to do work for him so he can afford to buy a new chandelier. His first task for you is to deliver some hot pumpkin soup to Eagus, who is the guy who let you borrow the practice sword from the sparring hall. You need an empty bottle to do this task.

The soup becomes cold after five minutes. Just run off of the edge of the pumpkin landing, press down to call your bird, then fly toward Skyloft. Fly up to the circular rock with the glowing spot inside. Fly through it to get a speed boost. Then land on Skyloft near the Sparring Hall. Run in and talk to Eagus to give him the soup. Pumm doesn't have any more chores for you yet, so you'll have to come back later.

Go to the Surface

Fly over to the column of light and Fi will show you the map. Continue flying to the column of green light. When you are close enough, the word "Dive" will appear on the bottom of the screen. Press down and you will dive down into the column of green light.

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