The Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword Walkthrough


The Sandship is a dungeon that protects Nayru's Flame.


Find a Goddess Wall

Start by going into the room on the west side of the deck. Save, go down the stairs, and strum the harp near the butterflies to reveal a Goddess Wall.

Get a Key

Go down the southern hall to find some Thunder Keese and a door. Go through.

Throw a bomb at the Electro Spume in this room, then run across the sinksand. Try walking in the sand for a very short distance and then run through. You will get across but run out of stamina at the very last moment.

Go down the hallway after the sinksand, then go around the corner and down the stairs. Go through the door.

Kill all of the Arachas. You can use the Clawshots to kill them from a distance. Then save at the Bird Statue up ahead. Sit on the chair for a while if you need to heal up.

Go north. When you pass the large, barricaded door, Fi will say that it leads to an important room. Across from the large door, you can see a room with several treasure chests in it. You can't access it yet, but keep it in mind for later.

Go around the corner and kill the Thunder Keese that attack. Go through the door.

To unlock the door crystal, first blow the sand away from the floor and kill any Arachas that pop out. You will find four symbols on the floor. Look at the symbols next to the door and you will see that they are red on top. Similarly, the symbols on the floor have a red side, which is the top. Also, each floor symbol has a different number of red spokes. The first one has one spoke, the second one has two, and so on. This way, you can figure out the puzzle. The solution is to hit the door switch in this order: bottom, top, bottom, right. Go through and open the chest to get a key.

Reach the Mini-Boss

Go all the way back to the first Bird Statue that you found after going inside of the ship (or use the nearest Bird Statue to go outside, then turn the boat around to go back in to return to the first Bird Statue). Save at the Bird Statue. There is a locked door next to it. Go through.

LD-002S Scervo

The key to winning this fight is to be ready to do Shield Bashes or backflips when you see Scervo preparing an attack. Shield Bashes knock Scervo off balance, giving you more chances to hit him. Scervo often attacks twice, so if you backflip out of the way, be sure to keep your distance to avoid the next attack. To backflip, move backward and press the Action button while locked on (press the Help button if you are not sure how to do this).

You have a narrow area in which to fight Scervo. He will usually block attacks on the left and right, so you should try to use forward thrusts, downward slashes, and upward slashes.

As you hit Scervo, you will knock him back toward the edge. Be sure to stop targeting temporarily if he is too far away to hit, so you can move toward him more quickly. That way, you can hit him before he regains his balance.

If Scervo deflects any of your attacks, be ready to do one or two Shield Bashes or backflips, because he may counterattack after deflecting you.

Once you push him to the edge, he will lose one of his swords, and the barrier behind you will get closer.

If Scervo reaches back with his sword while standing on one leg and blocking with his hook, be ready to do a Shield Bash or backflip, because he is about to attack you once or twice with his electrified sword. After you push him back to the edge this time, he will lose his right arm, and the barrier behind you will come closer again.

If Scervo leans back, he might be about to attack you once or twice with his electrified hook, so be ready to do a Shield Bash. If he rotates his upper body, he will do a sideways attack with the hook. Knock him to the edge one last time to make him fall off.

Get the Bow

After you defeat Scervo, a chest will appear that contains the Bow.

Reveal the Timeshift Stone

Go back into the ship, sit in the chair to recover health, save at the Bird Statue if desired, and go through the door across the way. Look up and shoot the blue target on the mast that Fi showed you a moment ago. You can hold the button to increase the red gauge, which increases the arrow's speed when you shoot it. This makes it go in more of a straight line. After you shoot the blue target, a crystal will appear at the top of the mast. Use the bow to hit it, making the whole ship go into the past.

Bokoblin archers will begin shooting arrows at you. Go around to the east side of the mast and climb up the ladder. Kill the Bokoblins up here, using the bow to get rid of all of the ones that you can't reach with your sword. You can pick up the arrows that they shoot at you, if they stick in the wood of the ship. Then go to the side of the mast where there is a rope going to another mast. Look across at the other end and shoot the target to make the bar come to you.

Go close to the bar and grab it when "Grab" appears on screen to go to the other side. Kill any remaining Bokoblins and go to the south end where there is another rope. Shoot the target at the other end of the rope to use the other bar mechanism to reach the top of the other mast. Kill the Bokoblin here if you didn't shoot it, then thrust the sword into the dial and turn it to the top and press it in. This reveals the Timeshift Stone and unlocks the door back into the ship.

Get a Piece of Heart

Skipper will arrive and ask you to rescue his crew, who are being kept in the brig. He will mark it on your map.

Before you go back down to the deck, be sure to hit the target on the device in the northeast corner that is holding a small boat over the side of the ship. This will lower the boat. You can ignore it for now, but it will be helpful later.

From the top of the main mast, above the Timeshift Stone, look to the east and shoot the target on the zip line to reach the east end of the ship. The Clawshot target to the east is too far away, so jump off of the east side of this eastern mast, and use the Sailcloth to land safely. You can break the barrels here to find a fairy. Then use the Clawshot target on the easternmost mast, and look down to use the Clawshot targets below, and make your way down to the bottom area where you will find a chest that contains a Piece of Heart. There is also a Goddess Wall here that you can reveal by strumming the harp at the wall where the butterflies swarm.

Get the Map

From the area where you got the Piece of Heart, Clawshot back up and go to the main deck. Go inside of the ship and save at the Bird Statue. Go down the stairs and go south, then east down the hallway, and through the door. Kill the Technoblins, then go through the northwest door, where sunlight is shining down, and kill the Technoblin that is hiding inside this sunlit room. Fi points out that you can see the crystal through the vent in the ceiling. Look up and east to shoot it with an arrow. This will allow you to go south to the chest that contains the Dungeon Map.

Activate the Generators

In the room where you got the map, pull down the red bar to remove the bars from this room.

Before you reactivate the crystal on top of the ship, shoot the Electro Spume with an arrow, then run past the sinksand and go to the fan in the wall that has light shining through it in the hallway. Shoot the target on the wall past the fan to remove the bars from the door. Go in and kill the Thunder Keese, then move the metal block on the ledge to reveal an inactive fan. Stand on the red switch and shoot the target through the fan. This will remove the bars from the room. Leave the room and go west to the room where you got the map, and look through the ceiling vent again and hit the crystal on top of the ship. Go east into the hallway, then go through the first door on the right. Get rid of the Technoblin, and thrust the sword into the dial and turn it.

Fi says to check on the crew, but you don't have to just yet.

Leave this room and go through the northeast door. Kill the Technoblins and push the block onto the switch. If the small boat is not next to the hole in the wall on the right, you will have to go back to the outside of the ship and shoot the target on the device holding the small boat at the northeast side of the ship. Go back to this room and go through the hole in the wall on the right to get into the small boat. Shoot the target above the boat to go up, then hit the crystal on top of the mast to deactivate it. Stand on the boat and shoot the boat target again to go back down. Go back into the Sandship from the small boat and go through the west door. Kill the Thunder Keese and pull down the red bar to open the door. Then hit the crystal through the vent in the ceiling. Thrust your sword into the dial and turn it to activate the generator.

Get the Squid Carving

Go through the south door to return to the hallway. Go through the northeast door, then go through the hole on the left and climb down the ladder and go through the door at the end of the passageway to reach the engine area. Go west and go past the pistons when they go to the top. Climb up the ladder at the end and use the whip on the bar there, but stop swinging and turn to the side to swing to the niche in the wall. Climb up the ladder here to reach the five chests that you saw before. The second and fourth ones from the ladder contain Silver Rupees (worth 100 rupees) and the other three contain random treasure items.

Go back down and drop down to the south. Run past the five pistons as soon as the first one rises far enough to go past.

Go up the ladder and use the whip to get on top of the first piston. Wait for it to rise to the top, then run forward to land on top of the next piston. Go to the ledge at the top. Pull down the red bar, then crawl into the small hole and go to the end of the tunnel to reach a ladder. Go up.

Pull down the red bar, then go into the brig. The robot will give you a key to the captain's cabin, and the robots will leave.

Now you need to return to the main deck, so go back down the ladder and crawl back through the crawlspace. Go north and go through the door. Climb out through the window to the north to get outside, and go up the ladder. Go through the window into the ship, then climb out through the other window to get onto the small boat at the side. Shoot the target above the boat to be lifted up to the main deck. Shoot the Timeshift Stone at the top of the mast, then go through the nearby locked door. Go downstairs and go north to find a Bird Statue.

Go through the door west of the Bird Statue. (If it's electrified, go back outside and shoot the Timeshift Stone, then come back and go through where it was electrified.) Kill the Arachas in this room, then shoot the crystal through the ceiling fan. Kill the Technoblin and Beamos, then step on the red switch and hit the target through the gap. Before going through the door that opens, use arrows to kill any Beamos that you can see through the bars. Then go through the door and kill any remaining Beamos, then go through where the bars were to get the Squid Carving.

Reach the Dungeon Boss

Now you need to go to the control room. Don't hit the Timeshift Stone at this point; you need the ship to be in the past. Go east and up the stairs and through the door. If the ladders have spiked barriers on them, hit the Timeshift Stone to get rid of them. Then go west through the door into the ship. Sit on the stool to recover health and save at the Bird Statue if you wish, then go down the stairs. Go south and through the door at the end of the hallway, then go east down the hallway, and down the stairs at the end. Go through the door. Kill the Technoblin in the hallway, then go to the end of the hallway, save at the Bird Statue if you wish, kill the Beamos, then use the squid carving to unlock the control room door.

Some tentacles will come up from the floor. Leave the room and try going down the hall. Use Skyward Strikes to cut the tentacles that are in the way. Avoid the rolling barrels, then go up the stairs and some water will rise. Continue on, avoiding the rolling barrels that are coming down the hall. Don't go forward too quickly, because tentacles will come out. Cut them with Skyward Strikes. Then go forward, jump over the gap, and go up the stairs. Fi says that the monster is on the other side of the door.


Run around the deck and use sideways Skyward Strikes to cut the tentacles. The Skyward Strikes can cut them from a distance, so there is no need to get up close before swinging your sword. After the tentacles go away, watch for the water to splash at a random side of the platform. That is where Tentalus will come up. Use an arrow to shoot Tentalus in the eye (don't bother waiting for the aiming ring to fill; just keep shooting quickly until you hit it), then run forward and hit Tentalus's eye with your sword repeatedly. If you take too long, Tentalus will smash a tentacle down onto the deck. Try to dodge it if this happens.

Tentacles will come up again, so run around and cut them with Skyward Strikes as before. They will come up more quickly each time, so be sure to move around constantly.

After a while, Tentalus will start destroying the platform. Run up the box that falls, while avoiding the barrels that roll down, and go to the upper level. Shoot Tentalus's eye when it first comes up, then run forward like usual to hit its eye with your sword. Its snake-like hair tentacles will come forward and attack. Use a Shield Bash to deflect the first attack, then use regular sword slashes or a spin attack to cut the snakes. Wait for the snake attack to stop, then shoot Tentalus's eye with an arrow. Run forward and hit it repeatedly with your sword. Repeat as necessary until Tentalus dies.

Get Nayru's Flame

Get the Heart Container, then hit the crest with a Skyward Strike. Fi will now be able to dowse for more objects. To unlock the new dowsing targets, you can do the following:

  • Dowsing for treasure: Talk to Gondo at the Scrap Shop in the Bazaar on Skyloft.
  • Dowsing for gratitude crystals: Talk to Batreaux, then leave his house.
  • Dowsing for Goddess Cubes: Go to Eldin Volcano and descend at the Volcano Entry Bird Statue, then talk to Gorko the Goron.
  • Dowsing for rupees: Go to Eldin Volcano and skydive into the structure just north of the Volcano East Bird Statue. Go west and float up on the air vent, then go northwest into the area with fire-breathing Pyrups. Go to the northwest of this area to find Cobal. Talk to him to add rupees as a dowsing target.

Complete Fledge's Training

If you go to Skyloft and sleep in a bed until night, you can go to Fledge's room and talk to him to get Gratitude Crystals. Sleep in a bed until morning, and you can find Fledge in front of the Sparring Hall, where you can play his new Pumpkin Pull minigame. If you get 600 or more points, you will get a Piece of Heart. You get a bonus for consecutive hits, to do your best not to miss.

Play the Rickety Coaster Minigame

You can now play the Rickety Coaster Minigame. It is located near the Shipyard Bird Statue of Lanayru Sand Sea. Go into the east building (you can run past the Lizalfos) and talk to Gortram the Goron. You can pay 20 rupees, and there are two courses: "Scary!" and "Heart stopping!" If you can complete the "Heart stopping!" course in under 1:05, you get a Piece of Heart.

Learn Din's Power

Go to the Isle of Songs and hit the crest with a Skyward Strike to learn Din's Power. The next trial is on Eldin Volcano.