Dowsing Targets

A list of the dowsing targets that Fi can add for you during The Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword.


Dowsing Overview

At the Sealed Grounds, Fi will give you the ability to dowse with your sword. You can choose the person or object that you wish to dowse for, then move your sword around and watch the ring on the screen to see which direction your targeted item is in. Throughout the game, Fi can add a variety of items for you to dowse for.

List of Dowsing Targets

The following list does not include temporary dowsing targets such as Kikwis.

Dowsing TargetHow to Add
Recovery Hearts When your health is critically low, talk to Fi until she adds the ability to dowse for recovery hearts. If you do not often reach critical health, one way to do this is to play Thrill Digger until you have been hit by enough bombs to make your health critically low.
Treasure After you clear the Sandship, talk to Gondo at the Scrap Shop in the Skyloft Bazaar to add the ability to dowse for treasure.
Gratitude Crystals After you clear the Sandship, talk to Batreaux, then go toward the door of his house and Fi will add Gratitude Crystals as a dowsing target.
Goddess Cubes After you clear the Sandship, talk to Gorko the Goron. Depending on your progress in the game, he may be near the Volcano Entry Bird Statue at Eldin Volcano, or he may be between the Volcano Summit cave and the Fire Sanctuary entrance, or he may be between the Sealed Temple and Faron Woods.
Rupees After you clear the Sandship, go to Eldin Volcano and skydive into the structure just north of the Volcano East Bird Statue. Go west and float up on the air vent, then go northwest into the area with fire-breathing Pyrups. Go to the northwest of this area to find Cobal. Talk to him to add rupees as a dowsing target.