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Starting the Game

After a nightmare of a terrifying monster, Link is rudely awakened with a letter from Zelda's Loftwing. Zelda asks Link to meet with her before the Wing Ceremony.

Help Fledge and Horwell

Open your cabinet to get five rupees. Leave your room, then go over to the guy trying to lift barrels near the kitchen. This is Fledge. Pick up one of the barrels near Fledge and agree to help him. Put the barrel down near the old woman in the kitchen, but keep an eye on the green stamina meter. Put the barrel down if it gets close to empty, and wait for it to refill. When you have dropped off the barrel, go talk to Fledge again to get 20 rupees.

Go outside and save at the bird statue nearby. Then go to the left. Instructor Horwell will call out to you. Press Z and then A to talk to him.

To go up to him, hold the A button to run up the wooden boxes. Climb the rest of the way up until Horwell speaks to you again. He will mention the Stamina Gauge. Your stamina will decrease if you dash or do other strenuous activities. The stamina gauge will fill back up if you rest or walk at a normal speed. But if you let the stamina gauge become empty, you will have to wait for a little while before the stamina gauge refills, so try not to let it get empty.

Horwell mentions autojumping. Go toward the far ledge (walking is fine; no need to dash) to do an autojump to the other side. Then talk to Horwell once more. He will say that Gaepora's pet, Mia, has run up onto the roof.

To get Mia back, run up the wall to grab onto the wooden ledge. Press the control stick to the left to go along the ledge on your hands. When you see your shadow over the awning, press A to drop down. Then do a running jump to the next awning, and finally, climb up the vines.

Once on the roof, run over to the wooden crate. Horwell will tell you how to push it and use it to reach the roof. Just stand next to it and hold the A button and then move the control stick to push or pull it. Then you can either run toward it to run up it, or you can walk toward it for a moment to make Link climb onto it. Pick up Mia and hop down, then walk to where the bell on the roof is. Jump down from there and walk over to Horwell to give Mia to him.

Meet Zelda

Now make your way toward the north part of Skyloft. Save at the bird statue on the way if you wish.

Eventually you will get to the north part of Skyloft where you will talk to Zelda and her father. You soon discover that your Loftwing is missing.

Find your Loftwing

The Wing Ceremony will be postponed until you find your Loftwing.

Go to the south end of Skyloft. There is a kid rolling into a tree on the way. Help him roll into the tree and you will get give rupees. Just run toward the tree by holding A, then shake the Nunchuk just before you reach the tree to do a roll attack into it.

At the south end of Skyloft, near a stone tower, you will overhear Groose and his cronies talking about how they just locked up your bird. Choose whichever response you want. It only affects the dialogue right after but otherwise doesn't have an effect on the game. Soon, Zelda will arrive, and Groose and the others will leave.

Go to the small building next to the academy. This is the sparring hall, where you encounter Pipit and Fledge. Apparently Fledge overheard Groose and the others planning on where to lock up your Loftwing, so you will get an X marked on your map showing where it is.

However, Pipit will warn you that the path there is dangerous, so you should borrow a sword from the Sparring Hall first. The door to the sparring room is just behind Pipit and Fledge, so go inside.

Get a Sword

Talk to the guy at the end of the Sparring Hall. He is Eagus, the Knight Commander. He will say to take a sword from the back, so go do that. Then talk to Eagus again and he will tell you how to use the sword.

To draw the sword, swing the Wiimote downward. Now go around and chop the logs down. Notice that each log has a weak spot in a particular shape. Be sure to slash the sword in the proper direction to slice across the weak point of the log. There is a log that has a small hole in the front. Use a forward thrust attack to break that one. There is also a log that is hanging from a rope. This one is just designed for you to practice dodging attacks. You can't break it.

After you chop all of the logs, Eagus will teach you a couple of other techniques. You'll practice the spin attack and then learn the Finishing Blow. When an enemy has fallen on the ground, target the enemy with Z and then swing the Wiimote and Nunchuk downward at the same time to execute the finishing blow.

After you're done practicing, try to leave, and Eagus will stop you and say that you can't take the sword out of the Sparring Hall. However, once he understands the situation with your Loftwing, he will let you take the sword, but with a warning not to use it unless it's absolutely necessary.

Rescue your Loftwing

As you walk away from the Sparring Hall, a strange statue will come up from the ground. It will say that it can show you some hint movies if you get stuck.

Now make your way toward the X marked on your map. You will have to hop over some rocks in the water and then slice open the wooden gate with your sword. Try using vertical slashes and diagonal slashes to cut the branches low enough to walk over them.

Go inside to find a cave with the first real enemies you have encountered thus far. These monsters are not too tough. The cave is pretty straightforward, as well. Be sure to go through the gap in the fence on the right to reach a chest that contains 20 rupees. There is also a chest with 20 rupees that you can reach farther along in the cave by climbing up some vines. Finally, near the exit, there is a gap in the wall behind some grass that you can crawl into to get two red rupees.

Go out through the exit and Zelda will arrive to help you find your Loftwing. You find your Loftwing locked up behind some wooden boards. The boards are too thick for your sword to cut, but you can cut the ropes that are attached to the ends of the boards. Be sure to slash in an appropriate direction to cut the ropes. Cut all of the ropes to free your Loftwing.

Zelda will ask you to practice flying your Loftwing a bit. As you fly, Zelda will explain the controls:

  • To fly, just point the Wiimote where you want your bird to go, and rotate the Wiimote to make your bird change angle and direction. The controls are pretty sensitive, so practice moving around by slowly rotating the remote, tilting it up and down, and pointing it left and right to get used to how your bird moves in response.
  • To gain altitude, point the Wiimote up and then flick it downward to make your Loftwing flap its wings. The key is to flick it rather than slowly tilting it up and down.
  • To speed up, first flap your wings to go higher, then point your Wiimote downward to descend, which will make you speed up.
  • To do a dash, press A. If your wing gauge runs out, you will need to wait a moment before you can dash again.
  • To slow down, hold B.
  • To jump off of your bird, press down on the control pad.

Soon, the practice session will end and it will be time for the Wing Ceremony. You will be prompted to save the game first.

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