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Din's Silent Realm

After completing the Sandship and learning Din's Power, Link can go to Din's Silent Realm.

Din's Silent Realm

Din's Silent Realm

There is a Tear of Din close to where you start, but there is also a Guardian close to it. Fortunately, you can outrun the Guardian pretty easily. Just run up the ramp and the Guardian will become distanced from the tear, so you can run around and get Tear #1 without getting caught.

Next, turn around and go up the slope in the cave to the left. Tear #2 is easily accessible on a lava platform up ahead.

Jump across and you'll see a steep slope where a bunch of Watchers floating around. Run up the right side of the slope, timing it so you don't get caught in the lantern light. At the top of the slope, climb the ledge and go to the right to get Tear #3.

Now, carefully run or slide down the right side of the slope to get Tear #4 at the bottom.

Go back through to where you started in this Silent Realm. Go through the cave that is to the left. You will pass by an air geyser. Ignore that for now and go to the right to exit the cave. Then turn right again and climb down the vines to get Tear #5.

Climb back up and go back to the air geyser. Jump into the rising air and you will end up at a higher part of the volcano. Exit and go up the ramp to the left in the hot room to get Tear #6.

Go back down the ramp and exit the hot room to the left. You will soon have to slide down a slope. Stay to the left because there will be a puddle of Waking Water up ahead. There will be more Waking Water along the slope, so be on the lookout for these so you can avoid them. When you slide down, go between the two air spouts and stay to the right of the rock formation, then veer to the left and slide through Tear #7.

At the bottom, you will fall out of a hole in the side of the volcano. Up ahead you will see Tear #8, so jump over and get it.

Go back to the air geyser one last time. Jump into the rising air and start sliding down the mountain. Go between the two air spouts, staying to the right of the rock formation, then this time, veer to the right. There will be a flat area to the left. Slide onto it. Then look to the left to see two air spouts. They turn on and off, so watch them to find out their pattern, then jump onto the first air spout when you know that both of them will be on. Jump across both of them to reach Tear #9.

Jump down from this platform and slide your way down to the bottom of the volcano. Jump onto the platform where you got the eighth tear, then jump to the right. Go around the ledge until you see an area where you can drop down and walk onto a floating bone platform. Quickly run across this, then go around the ledge to the right to reach Tear #10.

Go back down and run across the second bone platform, being careful to stay out of the Watcher's lantern light. On the other side, go to the left and carefully jump across the lava platforms to get Tear #11 from on top of a piece of bone.

Next, go back across the lava platforms and go straight along the cliff. Look to the right to see a rope hanging near a tear. Jump onto the rope and swing over to Tear #12.

From where you drop down, turn right and go back up the cliff. This time, run past the rope and instead climb up and get Tear #13 at the end of the ledge up ahead.

Drop down and run to the left to find Tear #14 in a small alcove.

Turn around and go to the left. Crawl through a narrow passage, then drop down and walk across the steep rope. Be sure to point the remote up and tilt it from side to side repeatedly to keep from losing your balance. Then get Tear #15 at the top of the platform.

As with the other Silent Realms, once you have all the tears, there is no more countdown. However, if you run into the light of a Watcher's lantern, the Guardians will start chasing after you again, so be careful.

Climb back down the steep rope and return to the bone platforms in the lava. Go through the cave with the air geyser to get back to the entrance to the Silent Realm. You will get the Fireshield Earrings, which will allow you to walk through hot areas without collapsing.

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