The Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword Walkthrough

Skyview Temple

After making your way through the Deep Woods, you enter the Skyview Temple.


Explore the Skyview Temple

Save at the Bird Statue nearby. You can use the temple's Bird Statues to go outside if you wish.

Kill the Keese, then cut through the spiderweb, shaking if you get stuck. Cut through the trees just beyond that. Along the way, if you see an Amber Relic in the middle of a tree root, you can use the Bug Net to get it.

After passing more spiderwebs and Keese, you reach some trees that are blocking some vines on the wall. Chop down the trees. There is a Deku Baba at the top, so shoot it with your Slingshot, then dash up the wall to get there before the Deku Baba recovers. Kill the Deku Baba, then hit the switch to open the locked door. Go through.

There is an eye on the wall. Take out your sword and slowly move the point of the sword in a circle over and over until the eye spins out of control and falls to the ground, unlocking the door. Go through.

There are Deku Babas on the ceiling. You can hit the burrs to make them explode and disappear. Kill the Deku Babas, then continue on.

Save at the Bird Statue. There are Walltulas on the vines behind you. Use the Slingshot to kill them, then climb up the vines to reach some wooden barriers. Use the sword to cut the barriers. This gives you a shortcut.

Go back the way you came. There is a Green Bokoblin up ahead.

Up ahead, there are three doors. The middle one requires a key, but you can unlock the other two without a key. To unlock the door on the right, hit the switch that you can see above it. To unlock the door on the left, hit the switch under the bridge that leads to it. There are several rupees on the floor in this area, so feel free to collect those. Then climb up the vines to get back onto the raised walkways.

Make the Water Rise

If you go through the west door, you find a bridge blocked by Skulltulas. Kill the Green Bokoblin, then use the Slingshot to knock down the vines to the right of the bridge, then swing across to the other side of the room. Kill the nearest Skulltula with forward thrusts, but don't get too close or you will get hit when the Skulltula shakes back and forth. Cut through the web, then go to the middle of the bridge and look west to see a pink switch in the wall. Hit it with the Slingshot to make the water level rise. Then go toward the stairs and kill the Quadro Baba there. There is a sign to the left of the stairs that you can read if you wish. Then go up the stairs and go through the door at the top.

Get the Map

You will be back in the central room from before, but you are up on a ledge where you can reach a treasure chest. It contains the map. It will show you where treasure chests and other items are, as well as the location of Zelda's Aura.

Make the Water Rise More

Now drop down to the lower level and climb up the vines onto the stone walkways. Go through the east door, which is opened by hitting the switch above the door.

You can optionally kill the Skulltula blocking the sign, which mentions the switch hidden under a bridge in the central room. Hit the Skulltula with the sword until it spins, but move around to prevent the Skulltula from swinging into you. Once you can see its stomach, use forward thrusts to kill it. Then you can read the sign.

Don't climb down the vines. There are Walltulas on them. Just jump down to the lower level. Walk around this lower area to find a small hole in the wall that you can crawl through. Hit the switch on top of the statue in this small room to make the water level rise. Swim over to the vines and climb up, then go through the small hole here to get back to where you were.

Get a Key

Return to the central room. Look for a log floating in the water on the east side of the room that leads to vines next to a small window with bars on it. Kill the Walltula on the vines, then climb up, then go up the stairs and go through the door to reach the room that you were just in. Hit the Skulltula until it spins, then use thrusts to kill it.

Then go up to the two eyes on the wall. Fi will tell you about them (optional in the Nintendo Switch version). Stand in the middle so that both eyes are looking at you, then spin the point of the sword in a circle repeatedly to make the eyes break. Get the key from the chest beyond, then return to the central room. Go to the north of the room, jump onto the log, jump to the vines and climb up, and use the key on the north door.

Get the Beetle

When you walk forward into this large room, there will be a brief cutscene. Use the Slingshot on the pink switch above the door in the central column. Go through the door that unlocks. You will find a Stalfos. It will hold up its swords to block certain angles of attack, so be sure to avoid hitting its swords. If it does a sword attack, you can do a Shield Bash to make its arms pop off, then hit it repeatedly until it is defeated.

When it's gone, a chest appears. It contains the Beetle. You can launch it and control it as it flies through the air. It can only fly for a limited amount of time before it has to stop and come back to you. If it collects items like Rupees during its flight, you will receive those items when it returns.

Make the Beetle fly through the spiderwebs in the wall, then make it hit the pink switch outside that you used to unlock this room. This will unlock the door again, allowing you to leave the column and return to the large room.

Get a Piece of Heart

Go to the north side of the room and look south at the stone structure you were in a moment ago, where you fought the Stalfos. You will see bars, and a Piece of Heart behind them. Stand back and use the Beetle to fly through one of the small arches near the top of the stone structure, where there is a pink switch. Hit the switch to open the bars, then go in and take the Piece of Heart.

Get a Second Key

If you would like a fairy for one of your bottles, use the Beetle to cut down the spider webs that hold up some boxes. One of the boxes contains a fairy. You can use a bottle to catch it (no need to use the bug net).

Go to the locked door on the west side of the room near the Bird Statue. Fly the Beetle into either of the two passageways above this locked door. The Deku Babas will not attack the Beetle, so just make the Beetle avoid bumping into their heads (but it can cut through their vines), then fly into the pink switch. The door will unlock. Go through.

Drop down to the lower area and go through the door at the end of the hallway.

The door will lock behind you. Go forward and a Skulltula will drop from the ceiling. Swing the sword upward to flip it over, then perform a fatal blow. Turn around and climb up the vines and use the Beetle to cut the spiderweb that is holding up the metal box. (You can knock down the wooden box if you need hearts.) Push the metal box to the lower level and push it to the middle of the area in front of the three eyes. Climb up onto it. If you positioned the box correctly, all three eyes will open. Spin the point of the sword repeatedly in a slow circle to make the eyes break and fall. Get the small key from the chest.

Get the Golden Carving

Go back to the previous room. Fly the Beetle past the Skulltula's web, avoid bumping into the trees, and hit the pink switch to raise the water level. Then swim and walk to the Skulltula, cut down the spiderweb, kill the Skulltula, chop down the trees and crawl through the small hole to reach the door. Go through.

In this large room, go to the east side of the room, where you can see Deku Babas on the ceiling, and a locked door beyond them. Use the beetle to cut the vines of the Deku Babas, then walk across the rope and unlock the door to reach the next room.

There is a Staldra up ahead. You have to hit all three heads at once, so wait for the heads to be in a straight line, then swing the sword in the direction of that line. Once you defeat it, the door will unlock. Go through.

Kill the Green Bokoblin up ahead. Eventually you reach a Skulltula hanging down over a gap. You can use the Beetle to cut its web and make it fall into the pit. Then you can dash to run across the gap and climb up the ledge on the opposite side.

Use the Beetle on the pink switch to unlock a shortcut to the large central room. Use the beetle to knock down the vines on the west side of the room. The Green Bokoblin is scared of the beetle, so use the Beetle to make the Bokoblin fall into the pit.

Walk across the rope to the far side of the room, then turn right to reach some vines. Climb up and cut the rope, wait for it to stop swinging, then use it to swing to the ledge with the bush on it. You might want to hold the "stop" button to stop swinging, so you can turn left and right on the rope to position yourself in line with the ledge before you start swinging.

From there, climb up the vines and you will soon reach the swinging vines that you knocked down with the Beetle earlier. Run to grab the first vine, then hold the stop button to turn and face the second vine. Swing to it, and use it to reach the chest, which contains the Golden Carving. This will unlock the north door, where Zelda's Aura shows up on the map. To get there, climb up the vines and go across the rope bridge toward the north door, but before you unlock it, turn left and open the small chest to get a red rupee.

Unlock the Boss Door

Now check on the north door. To unlock the door, you have to press the indicated button to hold the golden carving, then rotate it to match the shape of the opening. You can grab and release it as needed to get it into the correct shape. Once it's correct, the carving will glow and you can press the indicated button to insert it. Then the door will unlock and you will go through.

Now you meet Ghirahim. After a cutscene, you have to fight him.


At the start of the battle, he won't use his sword. Point your sword and wait until his hand stays still and starts glowing red, then slash from a direction that is far from his hand. For example, if he holds his hand on the left side, swing from the right. If he holds his hand down, slash downward from above.

If he catches your sword between his fingers, slash upward to slip it out of his fingers.

If you lose your sword, try to Shield Bash when he attacks, to make him drop it, then go over and pick it up. He may also drop it if he hits you with it.

After you do enough damage, he will take out his sword. If he is far away from you, he may shoot some floating daggers at you. They will be in a line going in a certain direction. When they get close, slash your sword so that you hit all of the daggers(similar to the strategy for killing the Staldra), and they will fly back and hit him. If you don't swing correctly, you will take some damage.

If Ghirahim appears close to you, quickly look at where he is holding his sword and slash in a direction that avoids the sword. For example, if he is holding his sword vertically on his right side, swing the sword horizontally from the left. Otherwise, if you hit the sword, he will hit you. Once you hit him, keep hitting him until he jumps back.

If he dashes toward you, point your sword to the side that he is running toward, then swing your sword when he is close enough, and keep hitting him until he jumps back.

Continue On

After you do enough damage, he will give up and disappear. Get the Heart Container and open the door. You will reach Skyview Spring. You can use the Beetle to get the red rupee that is on top of one of the columns. You can also catch butterflies, bird feathers, and fairies here.

Go to the far north end of the area. There is a Goddess Cube behind the statue at the far end of the room. The next time you return to the sky (don't do so yet), you can find the chest on the awning of the Lumpy Pumpkin, at the Pumpkin Landing. You will need to land on the roof to reach it. It contains a Gold Rupee, worth 300 Rupees.

Use a Skyward Strike on the floating crest in front of the statue. You will receive the Ruby Tablet, which Fi says to take to the altar back in Skyloft. Outside, after a cutscene, use the Bird Statue to return to Skyloft.