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Ancient Cistern

After going through the entrance at Floria Waterfall, you will be in a large room with a bird statue nearby. This is the Ancient Cistern. In case you don't know what a cistern is, it is a tank for storing water and it is often used to store water that is sent to faucets, or to store water for flushing toilets.

Get a Small Key

Jump across to the locked door. Read the sign to the right that says that there is a sacred order to this temple. There are symbols carved into the statue that reveal the order of the temple. "First the back, then the rear, then the back of the right hand, and finally the back of the left hand."

If you go around the room to look at these places, you find that the sacred order is up, down, left, right. You can get the silver rupees in the hands by doing a spin attack as you get close to the rupee. The hand will permanently close, making it easier to see the hidden symbols.

Go to the east side of the room and pull the red bar down. Go through the door.

Hop down onto the lilypads. The one that you land on will flip over. Swim down and do a spin jump to get onto the ledge. Go over to the skulltulas. Flip them over by swinging your sword from bottom to top. Then kill them with a fatal blow by swinging the Wiimote and Nunchuk down at the same time.

Go up ahead to read a sign that mentions the sacred order of the temple. Hit the top crystal, the bottom crystal, the left crystal, and the right crystal. The door will open. Go through.

There is an underwater passage in the east wall that is blocked with a lilypad. Go across the lilypads, killing the skulltulas by swinging the sword sideways, then using a forward thrust when the purple belly is facing you. Climb up the platform on the southeast side and then jump down onto the lilypad that is blocking the underwater passage.

Swim through the passage, using spin attacks to break through the wooden fences. Climb the vines and go through the door.

Open the chest to receive a key.

Fight the Stalmaster

Drop down and then go onto the water spout and kill the deku baba above to reach the exit back to the main room.

Use the key to go into the door in the statue in the center. Fi will mention the door at the top with the unfamiliar lock.

Drop to the lower level and use the sailcloth to land safely. A Stalmaster will attack. In the first phase of the battle, it will be possible to hit with horizontal, vertical, or diagonal slashes. After you hit the Stalmaster a few times, it will use weapons in all four arms, and when it moves its arms there will only be one direction that works, either from the left, from the right, from the top, from the bottom, or a thrust. Pay attention to the sword positions. Do a backward flip or just run away if the Stalmaster is about to attack.

Get the Whip

After you defeat the Stalmaster, go through the door and open the chest to receive the Whip. Go back to the last room and use the whip on the water faucet switch near the wall. Whip at it to connect the whip to it, then whip sideways to rotate it. Use the water spout to go up. You can use the water spouts to go all the way to the top, where you will read a sign that says "Look for the key that lies beneath the earth." This is a clue that tells you where to find the key required to open the door on this upper level.

Get the Dungeon Map

From the top of the inside of the statue, use the sailcloth to go down to one of the doors. Go out.

Go to the east side of the room and use the whip to reach a blue chest beyond the grass that contains the Dungeon Map.

Get the Blessed Idol

Go to the west side of the room, where there is a waterfall. Use the whip on the lilypad that is upside down near here. Catch it with the whip, then swing the whip up or down to flip it over. Then jump onto the lilypad that you flipped. Use the whip on the red bar on the wall and swing it down. This will stop the waterfall. Swim into the fish mouth that the waterfall was blocking.

After getting to the end of the water, you emerge from a large fish mouth. Go around the back of the fish to find a chest that contains a red rupee. Then go toward the exit. Kill the skulltula by swinging the sword upward to flip it over, then swing the remote and nunchuk down to do a fatal blow. Use the whip through the bars to pull down the red bar switch and open the bars. Go through.

Go to the right and kill the bokoblin here. Then whip across. Kill the deku babas and go onto the rotating vine wall and quickly go up. Land on the small platform to rest and regain stamina. Then get back on and go down. Drop down onto the large ledge. Kill the bokoblin. Go down the vines at the edge and kill the small spider on the vines across the way. Then go back up and use the whip. Change the direction of your swinging so you reach the red bar when you jump. After pulling down the red bar, use the whip again and grab the vines this time. Climb up and get rid of the Deku Babas, then use the whip on the water switch. Jump into the whirlpool.

Save at the bird statue, then use the beetle to cut down the skulltulas. They will flip over the lilypads and drown. Flip the lilypad at the far wall to unblock the underwater passage. Swim through it.

Go to the surface. Use the whip on the bokoblin to steal its key. Unlock the door and go through. You will notice a big area beyond the bars where you can see the big chest under a floating chain thing, on top of a pile of bones.

Swim into the pipe that is sucking water in.

Up above, save at the bird statue. Then go over and do a spin jump out of the water to get onto the ledge at the east side of the room. Flip over the lilypad with the whip, then kill the small spider with the whip. Run up to the vines and climb up. Go to the top level and kill the quadro baba. Then jump down onto the lily pad in the water below to flip it over. Swim into the passage that the lilypad was blocking. Go up the stairs and kill the deku baba. Then use the whip on the water switch to push the lily pad up that you flipped earlier. Go back around the path that you took to flip the lilypad in the first place, then use the whip to flip it over again and jump across the gap. Make your way to the bars. Use the whip on the red bar to flip it down and open the bars.

There is a Furnix flying around up here. Wait for it to reveal its tail, then whip its tail and use it to pull the bird close to you. Do a fatal blow.

There are vines on the wall to the right of the door that you came through. Climb down to the small chest to get 20 rupees. Then go back up and climb to the ledge on the left. Activate the water switch to create a water spout, giving you a shortcut back to here. Then go over and use the whip on the lever. The giant statue in the center will be lowered to the bottom, where the big chest is.

Save at the bird statue near the dungeon entrance, then go into the big statue. Use the sailcloth to float down to the lower level and go out the door.

In this creepy place, you will encounter cursed bokoblins. To kill them, hit them until they fall over, then do a fatal blow. You can whip and pull them to stun them temporarily, and if you have the sacred shield, you can do a shield bash toward them to stun them.

There are some rupees and hearts in the glowing blue eyes of the statue on the wall across from the door to the statue.

If you face the door that you came through, go to the right to reach the next part of this area. Go around the side to an area with fire keese. Kill them, then read the sign up ahead. "A gemstone shines deep within the eye. Strike it to shut the mouth and dam the flow."

Go around to the other side of the waterfall and send the beetle into the glowing blue eye to hit the pink switch within. Now go back to the other side of where the waterfall was and use the beetle to catch the bomb. After it goes through the arch, make the beetle turn right, then have it drop the bomb on the large cracked rock just beyond a whip pole there.

Go to the lilypads and flip the one over that is upside down. Then jump across to the platform. Go to the whip pole. If you didn't bomb the big cracked rock, you have to turn off the waterfall and use the beetle to bomb the rock as described above. Use the whip to go across where the large cracked rock was, then jump onto the rotating vines and climb up to the top. Jump onto the next rotating vine wall. You can get off on a platform where you can see a wheel spinning very quickly down below, but you should keep riding the vine wall to go to the southern platform instead of the platform near the spinning wheel.

Jump to the nearby vines and climb up. You will be near some bars. Use the whip to switch the lever, changing the direction of the spinning thing. There are no spikes on the other side, so just jump down onto the spinning thing and get off on the ledge on the other side.

Kill the cursed bokoblin and go up and jump onto the rorating vine wall. Hop down on the southeast ledge. Then jump across to the vines and climb up next to the bars, using the whip to change the direction of the spinning wheel again. This causes the rotating vine wall to change direction as well. Run and jump down to the ledge that you were just on, and return to the rotating vine wall. This time you can go around to the southwest ledge.

Kill the fire keese up ahead. Now drop down. Don't go to the center of the room yet. Instead, use the whip on the water switch on the side to give yourself a shortcut back to here with a water spout.

Now go to the center of the bright spot and grab the rope in the center. A bunch of cursed bokoblins will come out and start climbing up to you. Climb up and keep climbing. Shake the remote and nunchuk if a bokoblin grabs you. Alternatively you can try sliding down the rope part way to see if you can knock the bokoblin off. Keep climbing until you get back to the upper level.

Up above, the sign says "Return the stone giant to its original form, and descend below the earth again along the thread. There you will find the key to the path ahead."

Save the game. Run up the wall to pull down the red bar, or just whip it. Use the whip on the lever to move the statue back to its original position. Then climb down the rope. There won't be cursed bokoblins down below this time. Go over to the water switch, activating it if you didn't already. Go down into the pit and open the chest to receive the Blessed Idol.

Reach the Boss

As you might have guessed, a bunch of cursed bokoblins will appear around you after you open the chest. Just run past them and out of the pit. The giant statue will automatically descend, crushing them.

Go into the giant statue and ride the water spouts all the way to the top. Use the Blessed Idol in the lock to open the top of the statue. Activate the four water switches on the top to make the statue rise into a room up above. Save the game and go up the stairs.


The following battle can be a little confusing because you have to repeat the steps so many times that it might seem like you are using the wrong strategy. However, if you do what is described below, you will succeed.

Also, one of the toughest parts of this battle is making sure that you aren't targeting the wrong thing, so try not to be too hasty here.

Ghirahim will activate Koloktos, a golden statue. Koloktos will swing its arms downward. Get out of the way before it hits you with its arms, then go back and use the whip on the red orbs to pull all of the arms off. When it exposes the red spot on its chest, attack it repeatedly with the sword. You can slash the sword; no need to thrust.

Koloktos will sometimes throw axe blades toward you. Just keep your distance and hide behind columns to try to keep these blades from hitting you. They go around like boomerangs back to Koloktos unless they hit you or a wall or the ground. The axe blade might go back toward Koloktos and then go back toward you, so be careful.

Repeat the above strategy. Eventually, Koloktos will start walking around while holding a huge number of swords. It might shine a purple light and summon cursed bokoblins at this point. These can be killed by hitting them repeatedly, with no need to do a fatal blow.

Let Koloktos swing the swords and get them stuck, then use the whip to pull off the arms. Pick up a sword right away. You can cut off the other three arms with this giant sword, or you can just swing the giant sword sideways near Koloktos's legs to cut the legs off. Then run around to the front and cut open the cage on Koloktos's chest, then hit the red spot repeatedly.

If you cut off all of the arms, Koloktos will run toward you. Get out of the way to let it hit the wall and get stunned, then swing the giant sword sideways at the legs to remove them. Go around to the front and swing the giant sword to break the cage, then hit the red spot over and over.

After you do this, Koloktos will reassemble itself and swing its swords like crazy, so run out of the way as soon as possible and wait for it to stop swinging the swords before approaching it and repeating the above process. Repeat the strategy until Koloktos dies.

Get Farore's Sacred Flame

Get the Heart Container, then go through the glowing door and use a skyward strike on the crest. The sword grows and becomes sharper, doing twice as much damage as before.

Fi says to return to the Isle of Songs.

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