The Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword Walkthrough

Goddess Wall Guide

A list of shapes you can draw on Goddess Walls to get various items.


How to Find Goddess Walls

If you see three or more butterflies flying near a wall, stand near the wall and strum the harp. A crest of Hylia will appear on the wall. Charge up a Skyward Strike and you will be able to draw on the wall. Draw one of the shapes listed below to get the corresponding item.

List of Shapes

You can draw the following shapes on Goddess Walls to get different items.

Shape DescriptionResulting Item
Horizontal ArrowArrows

Gifts from Gorko

After you complete the Fire Sanctuary, you can find Gorko the Goron on the path between the Sealed Temple and the Faron Woods. If you talk to him, he asks you to show him different designs drawn on the nearby Goddess Wall. If the Goddess Wall is not there, or if you drew something on it recently, you can make it reappear by saving and quitting, then resuming the game, or by leaving the area and coming back (e.g. by going back to the Sky and then returning to Gorko).

Talk to Gorko to find out which shape he wants, and draw it. After you draw the first shape that Gorko has asked for, he will give you a Piece of Heart. For the second and third shape, he rewards you with rupees, and for the fourth, he gives you a Dusk Relic. For the final shape, he gives you a Gold Rupee, worth 300 rupees. Thereafter, he gives you a Silver Rupee, worth 100 rupees, every time you draw what he asks for.