Veilstone City

After a long journey from Solaceon Town through Route 210 and Route 215, you reach Veilstone City.

Reach the Pokémon Center

Go southeast in the city until you see some stairs to the east. Go up them to reach the Pokémon Center.

Veilstone Department Store

Go northwest to reach the Veilstone City Department Store. Before you go in, check on the flowers behind the tree to the left of the Department Store to find a hidden Revive.

Veilstone Department Store 1F

Someone on the first floor will give you some Stickers.

You can purchase many types of healing items, pokéballs, and other items from the vendors on the first floor.

Veilstone Department Store 2F

On the second floor, one of the people behind the counter will give you the Counter Pokétch app, which lets you keep a count, up to 9999.

The other vendors on the second floor sell vitamins and battle items.

The person at the counter on the right will tell you information about the items that you can purchase.

Veilstone Department Store 3F

You can purchase TMs on the third floor, including TM54 False Swipe, which is very helpful for catching wild pokémon.

The person at the counter on the right will tell you information about the TMs that you can purchase.

Veilstone Department Store 4F

On the fourth floor, you can buy pedestals for use in your Secret Base in the Grand Underground.

Veilstone Department Store 5F

On the fifth floor, there are vending machines that you can purchase drinks from.

Talk to one of the people near the escalator to get a Sticky Barb.

Galactic Veilstone Building

In the northeast of town, you find the Galactic Veilstone Building. West of the building, there is a PP Up.

In the lobby of the building, go to the northeast corner and check on the plant to find a hidden PP Up.

Explore the City

To the east of the Pokémon Center, talk to the person near the Girafarig to get a Metronome.

To the southwest of the Girafarig, you find Metronome Style Shop. Talk to the person behind the counter and you can purchase new outfits. When you preview the different styles, you can press + or - to switch between your battle appearance and your overworld appearance. After you purchase a style, it is unlocked in your list of available styles, and you can talk to the person at the counter to switch between them.

The entrance to Route 214 is south of the city.

In the southwest of the city, talk to the Roughneck to get some TM63s, which teach Nasty Plot.

In the house near the Roughneck, your pokémon can get a massage. You can do this once a day. There is a chance of getting a sticker afterward.

Northwest of there, you will find Dawn or Lucas near the Veilstone Gym. When you are ready, enter the Veilstone Gym.