Canalave City

After you Surf through Route 218, you reach the cargo port, Canalave City.

Explore the East Side of the City

In the house near the entrance to the city, talk to the Ace Trainer to get some TM48s. They teach Skill Swap.

The Move Deleter can be found in the house north of the Poké Mart.

Battle Your Friend

When you go west across the bridge near the Pokémon Center, your friend challenges you to a battle. He has a level 32 Staravia, a level 32 Heracross, a level 33 Buizel, a level 34 Ponyta, and, if you chose Turtwig, a level 37 Monferno, if you choose Chimchar, a level 37 Prinplup, or if you chose Piplup, a level 37 Grotle. You get 3996 Pokédollars for winning.

Explore the West Side of the City

From the southwest part of the city, you can fish and Surf in the water from the small dock where the sailor is standing. If you fish with an Old Rod, you can catch Magikarp. If you fish with a Good Rod, you can catch Magikarp and Finneon. While Surfing, you can encounter Pelipper, Tentacool, Tentacruel, and Wingull.

South of the sign near the dock, there is a hidden Pearl.

If you Surf south from the dock that the sailor is standing on, you reach some grass. Walk along the path there and you will find a TM89 U-turn.

After you get the TM, talk to the camper west of the dock to get 3 Sky Stickers A.