Pokémon Brilliant Diamond and Shining Pearl Walkthrough

Jubilife City

After you go through Route 202, you enter Jubilife City to search for your friend.


Meet Dawn or Lucas

Dawn or Lucas will meet you when you first arrive in Jubilife City. They will say that your friend went to the Trainers' School.

Go to the Trainers' School

The Trainers' School is west of the Jubilife City Pokémon Center. In the Trainers' School, you can talk to the school kid on the right side of the room to battle School Kid Harrison, who has a level 6 Abra that knows Charge Beam, an Electric move. You get 408 Pokédollars for winning.

Talk to him afterward to get TM10s, which teaches Work Up to a Pokémon. You can only use TMs once.

You can talk to the school kid to the right of him to battle School Kid Christine, who also has a level 6 Abra that knows Charge Beam. You get 408 Pokédollars for winning.

Talk to Your Friend

Your friend is looking at the blackboard in the Trainers' School. Talk to him to give him the Parcel from his Mom. He will give you one of the Town Maps from the Parcel. He will say that his next destination is Oreburgh City.

Now that you have a map, you can press + while in the X menu to see your current destination marked by a flag on the map.

Explore Jubilife City

Go outside and go north, and someone will walk up to you. The inventor of the Pokétch (short for Pokémon Watch) will give you a free Pokétch if you find the three clowns in Jubilife City.

Route 204

You can optionally go north into Route 204, and if you go northeast through the grass, you will find a Paralyze Heal.

In Route 204, you can catch Bidoof, Budew, Kricketot, Shinx, Starly, and (only at night) Zubat.

If you go north along the route and can battle Lass Sarah, who has a level 7 Bidoof. You get 392 Pokédollars for winning.

To the west, you can battle Youngster Tyler, who has a level 5 Magikarp and a level 5 Starly. You get 380 Pokédollars for winning.

North of there, you can battle Lass Samantha, who has a level 7 Budew. You get 392 Pokédollars for winning.

Go north from there to reach Ravaged Path and go north in the cave to find an Antidote.

You can't go any farther through the cave right now, so go south again until you reach Jubilife City.

Find the First Clown

One of the clowns is north of the Pokémon Center, near the Poké Mart. Answer "Yes" to his question and you will get Coupon 1.

Check the Poké Mart

While you are here, you can visit the Poké Mart, which has a wider selection of items than the Sandgem Town Poké Mart.

Form a Group

Go northwest and you can talk to the green-haired person near the fountain to form a group. This will allow you to recruit other players and play together with them in the Union Room.

Find the Second Clown

Go west from there and you will find another clown, who is standing in front of the Pokétch Company building. Talk to him and answer "Yes" to his question to get Coupon 2.

Get an Old Rod

You can optionally go west talk to the fisher to get an Old Rod. You can use this in water to encounter pokémon that only appear in water. You can go west to Route 218 to find some water to catch pokémon in, but you will only be able to catch Magikarp with the Old Rod.

Find the Third Clown

Back in Jubilife City, if you go east from the Pokétch Company building, you will find another clown, who is standing in front of the Jubilife TV building. Answer "Yes" to his question and you will get Coupon 3.

Get a Pokétch

Go back to the Pokétch inventor, who is near the Pokémon Center, and talk to him to get a Pokétch. Press R to get the Pokétch out. You can control it with the touchscreen, or if playing in docked mode, press R again to show a hand cursor on screen that you can use. The Pokétch starts with a watch; calculator; step counter (which you can reset to 0 if you press the C button); and a Friendship Checker, where you can tap a pokémon, and if it comes closer, that means that it likes you. You can hold R to hide the Pokétch.

Get a Quick Claw

North of the Poké Mart, you find Jubilife Condominiums. Go inside and talk to the girl in the lobby to get a Quick Claw. A pokémon that holds it might attack first, even if it is usually slow.

Go to Oreburgh City

Exit Jubilife Condominiums and go east to reach Route 203.