Route 202

After you receive your first pokémon and a Pokédex from Professor Rowan, you follow your friend through Route 202 on your way to Jubilife City.

Learn How to Catch Pokémon

Go west toward the tall grass and Dawn or Lucas will demonstrate how to catch a pokémon. You can't use any controls during the battle, so just sit back and watch.

Afterward, he will give you 20 free Poké Balls.

Catch Pokémon

Go west through the tall grass, then go north when you can. You can catch Bidoof, Kricketot, Shinx, and Starly here.

Trainer Battles

After you go farther into the route, Youngster Tristan will see you and challenge you to a battle. Youngster Tristan will send out a level 5 Starly. You get 380 Pokédollars for winning.

Go east, and if you want a shortcut back to Sandgem Town, you can go south down the ledge.

Otherwise, go east from the sign and you will battle Lass Natalie. She has two level 3 Bidoofs. You get 348 Pokédollars for winning.

Go north through the tall grass. You will battle Youngster Logan. He has a level 5 Shinx. You get 380 Pokédollars for winning.

Go west from the Youngster, and if you keep going west through the tall grass, you will find a Potion.

When you are ready, go north into Jubilife City.