Sunyshore City

After you make your way through the seaside Route 222, you reach Sunyshore City.

Explore the City

When you first arrive in Sunyshore City, there will be a cutscene.

If you use the Old Rod in the water, you can catch Magikarp. If you use the Good Rod in the water, you can catch Magikarp and Remoraid. If you Surf in the water, you can encounter Mantyke, Pelipper, and Tentacruel.

In the sticker shop, the person at the bottom left may give your pokémon an Effort Ribbon.

The sticker shop merchant has a random selection of stickers each day.

North of the sticker shop, you can meet Jasmine.

In the northeast building, you can talk to Julia to hear a story each day. She will give you a ribbon based on the story she told.

There is a lighthouse in the southeast of the city, and to the north of the lighthouse, you will find a Thunder Stone.

North of that, you can check on the rock ladder to use Rock Climb. In the building at the top, you can get the Calendar app, Dot Artist app, and Spinner app for the Pokétch.

Go into the Vista Lighthouse in the southeast of the city and talk to the person in front of the binoculars. It is the Sunyshore Gym leader. Now you can go to the Sunyshore Gym in the northwest of the city and talk to the person outside, and then you can enter the Sunyshore Gym.