Super Contest Shows

You can participate in Super Contest Shows in the Contest Hall in Hearthome City. Feed Poffins to your pokémon and use Stickers to get them ready, then dance and use your pokémon's contest move to boost your points.

Get a Tutorial and do Practice Sessions

In the Contest Hall, if you talk to the person at the counter on the right, you can choose to do a practice session. The first time, you will see a tutorial. After the tutorial, you can choose to participate in a practice session.


Before you enter a real Super Contest Show, you can feed Poffins to your pokémon to boost your pokémon's appearance stats.

Get a Poffin Case

If you don't have a Poffin Case, go to the Pokémon Fan Club in Hearthome City and talk to the person on the couch to get one.

Get a Free Poffin

After you get a Poffin Case, you can talk to someone in the Contest Hall to get a free Mild Poffin.

Cook Poffins

You can cook Poffins in the Poffin House in Hearthome City, or in Amity Square north of Hearthome City.

Feed Poffins

Before you enter a Super Contest Show, you can open the Poffin Case in your Key Items Pocket to feed Poffins to the pokémon that you want to enter.

Entering a Super Contest Show

In the Contest Hall, talk to the person at the middle counter if you want to do a Super Contest Show by yourself, or talk to the person at the left counter if you want to do a Super Contest Show with local or Internet play.

Choose a Contest Type

If you used Poffins to boost your pokémon's appeareance stats, choose the contest type that matches your pokémon's highest appearance stat.

Choose a Rank

Choose which Rank of contest you want to enter. The higher ranks are locked until you have participated in the lower ranks.

Choose a Pokémon

Choose a pokémon from your party to participate in the show. Their appearance stats will be displayed on the right.

Choose a Move

Next, choose which of your pokémon's moves you want to use during the show. Be sure to look at the effect of each move so you can be sure to use the move at a good time during the show.

Choose a Ball Capsule

Choose which Ball Capsule you want to use during the show. The Stickers that you use can improve your score.

Choose a Style

You can choose a Style before you start. For your first Show, you can choose between Everyday Style, which is what you are normally wearing, or Contest Style, which uses the clothing that your Mom gave you.

During the Super Contest Show

During the Show, press the A button when the pokéball symbols line up, and if the pokéball has a line to the right of it, hold the A button until the pokéball symbol at the end is lined up.

The Jigglypuff at the bottom of the screen shows the progress of the show. When the Jigglypuff reaches the right side, the show will end.

The gauge at the top of the screen is the Hype Gauge. You need to fill the smaller left side of the gauge for the contest to succeed, and filling it more than that will improve your score.

You can press X to use your Contest Move. Remember to use the move at the right time, based on its effect. If you and the other contestants use your Contest Moves one after the other, you can get a Move Chain for more points. When other contestants use their Contest Moves, their names will be displayed above "X Contest Move" in the bottom left of the screen, so you can see when to use your move.