Solaceon Town

After you go through Route 209, with an optional stop at Lost Tower, you reach Solaceon Town.

Pokémon History App

Talk to the Ruin Maniac near the entrance of the town to add the Pokémon History App to your Pokétch. It shows you the Pokémon that you obtained most recently, with the most recent at the bottom right.

Pokémon News Press

To the right of the Solaceon Pokémon Center, you find the Pokémon News Press. One of the people in there will ask to see a specific pokémon before the end of the day. You will get a random type of pokéball as a reward if you talk to the person when the requested pokémon is in your party.

Pokémon Nursery

You can leave up to two of your pokémon in the Pokémon Nursery. If the two pokémon are compatible (i.e. one is a Ditto; or one is male and one female, both of the same species or from compatible groups), an egg may eventually appear. You need to walk around and/or ride your bike outside until the Pokémon Nursery Man in front of the Nursery turns to the right. When he is looking to the right, talk to him to get the egg. Then you can take back your pokémon from the nursery if you don't want more eggs to appear.

Egg Monitor Pokétch App

After you get an egg from the Nursery Man, you can go back into the Nursery and talk to the person at the table to add the Egg Monitor Pokétch app to your Pokétch. This will display the two pokémon that you left at the nursery, and if there is an egg, it will also be displayed in the app.

Solaceon Ruins

In the eastern part of Solaceon Town, there are a couple of houses. To reach the southeast house, go down the ledge to the right of the northern house, then stay to the left. The person inside the southeast house asks you to show their son the pokémon that you catch in the Solaceon Ruins. You can go to the northeast corner of Solaceon Town (there is a hidden jar of Honey there), then go southeast from there to reach the Solaceon Ruins.

Moving On

When you are ready to move on, go north from Solaceon Town to Route 210.